Former J.W's.

This e-mail was sent to me from a former Jehovah's Witness as she shares her testimony on how she came to the truth! Thank you Lord Jesus for your saving grace!

I enjoy your site. Thank you very much for all the time and work you have put into it! I have come out of the JW's after being in the cult, on and off for 35 years. I am still in shock as it has only been a year. I am just starting in my true walk with Jesus Christ...there is so much to learn and to unlearn from my indoctrination of the JW's. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!
Yours in Christ

I was a teenager when I became a JW, 17 yrs. to be exact. I was a "convert", no other relatives or family members ever became one. I married in the faith at 21 yrs., which was a terrible marriage. I fell away from about 1978, which year my only child, a son was born. I was "out" or "inactive" from 1978 til about 1994. I all along felt guilty that I was not living up to the requirements of the "faith". Then I went back from 1994 til 2004.
I started having doubts about the so called tenets JW 's call it "The Truth". I started to see all the things that did not make sense. Such as why would a self-righteous, unkind, rude JW live through Armageddon and my good neighbor down the street, whom lived a "Christian" life and was kind and a good citizen etc. be destroyed at Armageddon, just because he was not a JW. That was not a kind of God I wished to worship, or should I say the JW God.....The JW God, whom should only be referred to by the old Jewish name of Jehovah......I also felt that "Jesus" was not put up where he should be...that he was just an angel??? Michael the Archangel as I was taught to believe. I felt closer to Jesus than JW's would like, so I never mentioned it to them... Also the JW Bible... changes alot of the scriptures.....The Trinity was a falsehood I was my eyes have come to see. I love "Amazing Grace", as it says "I once was blind, but now I see!

I will write more later. It is nice to talk to someone about it. I am shunned and worse than dead to the JW's now. That too was another thing, how they shun. I lost two good friends or so I thought they were. That makes me very sad.

In Christ...Marla

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