A Closer Look at Freemasonry

          When I first put up this web page about Freemasonry, the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) had a link to the following brochure which defined the Incompatibilities between Freemasonry and the Christian Faith. Then they took it down, no doubt, on account of offending the many Baptist bretheren that are involved with the cult.

        I was able to find a Baptist reference to the brochure and its key points at this LINK . This Baptist web page has a possible explination why they took it down... Here is what they wrote.... "The original report approved in 1993 -- which was criticized for being both too soft and too hard on Freemasonry -- noted both the incompatibilities and compatibilities of Freemasonry, Christianity and Southern Baptist doctrine."

  (Update: 6-23-2016  The SBC seems, at least for now, to have put back some articles exposing the incompatibility between Freemasonry and Christianity.
Click   Southern Baptist Convention   and type in "Freemasonry" in the search engine and you will find some articles on the SBC site that has restored what was noted in the article called "A Closer Look" shown below.)

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