Years 2006 & 2007

Key West 2007

October 2007 . Michael Siemer and I traveled to Key West to preach at Fantasy Fest. Michael's Uncle, whom he had not seen for 20 years, came out of the crowd and spent some time talking with Michael. His Uncle is not saved and this was a golden oportunity to share Jesus with him. As each year, we had many gospel tracts passed out and shared the gospel with those who would stop to listen.

JW pages added

Added new pages exposing the Jehovah's Witnesses and theri subliminal Images of demons!  Also added a new link to Rock and Roll       NEW!  Google 4 part VIDEO series exposing the dangers of Rock N' Roll

Chattanooga, TN

Riverbend and Bonaroo TN. Each year, Chattanooga sponsors a week long party in the center of town. A list of rock groups are scheduled to play in an outdoor stadium, which is a floating stage on the river, docked at this location. Many souls come each day for beer, food and music. This gives us an opportunity to witness and pass out gospel tracts to the people who come.  For more details, see June of 2007 at William Taylors web page.

MIchael, Ricky and Ben stand with the crosses at the begiining of Riverbend in Chattanooga.

Honduras 07

On March 20th, I flew to Honduras with  Bob Spaulding, Roger Proffer, and Jim Jones. Returning March 30th, we were able to install a water system and see it fully functional in the village of New Jerusalem!    Video and photos of the project!

Mardi Gras 2007 - New Orleans

Mike Awe, Joe Hupchick and I drove to New Orleans on Feb 15th, driving through the night. We arrived in New Orleans at Celebration Church at about 4 am and slept in the car until daylight when others who were at the church began to awake. For the next two days, we went to Bourbon Street and to Jackson Square passing out Gideon pocket bibles and witnessing to the lost about Jesus Christ. We passed out about 400 bibles. One experience stood out for me. 3 men walked past, whom I suppose might be from India. One of them took a Bible and said, "I've always wanted one of these! I WILL read it!" The other two men returned to take a Bible from me. They appeared to be either Hindu or Muslim. I rejoice that they were willing to take the gospel message home with them. This was the shortest Mardi Gras trip I've taken in the past 17 years that I have been to Mardi Gras to preach, but I rejoice that the Lord has given me the oportunity and desire to stand on one of the most sinful places on earth, and share the gospel of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Key West - Fantasy Fest 06

Oct. 27-29th 2006. Michael Siemer, his daughter, Mary and I returned to Key West to preach at "Fantasy Fest." Scot Durrance, a faithful brother whom has continued to come and preach at this party for many years, and two other Christian brothers came to help reach the lost here in Key West. Standing on Duvall Street during this sinful party is an offense to the wicked, and conviction to those whom are being drawn by the Holy Spirit. I had 6 young men, during the time of ministry on the street, whom were under great conviction as they tried to reason why it was OK to be a partaker at this party. Usually, all I needed to ask them was "Can you tell me what is the difference between this party and Sodom and Gomorrah?" They were tongue tied and the conviction of God would fall upon them. I then ask them "What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah?" When they didn't respond, I would say "He destroyed them!" On my walk back to the church Saturday night, a young woman stopped me to ask some questions. She was Catholic, and like most Roman Catholics, she did not understand the gospel message! I answered her questions and proclaimed the "born again" message for several hours. I can only say that I hope that much good seed of God's word had been planted in her soul. I didn't take any photos this year, but if you read my past newsletters, you can see some photos.

Honduras 06

I returned from Honduras June 29th. You can read about my trip at Honduras 06!

On March 20th, I plan, Lord willing, to fly to Honduras. I will be working with the Missionary, Frank Monterroso, teaching in the Bible institute, evangelizing, and helping to install water systems in the villages of the Mosquito Coast.

Mardi Gras 06

A sea of lost souls on Bourbon Street, and the army of Christian soldiers at a praise rally at Jackson Square on Monday!

On Feb 23rd, I drove to New Orleans for my 16th Mardi Gras, standing on Bourbon Street passing out gospel tracts and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although the news claimed that Mardi Gras was much smaller in size, I could not tell any difference from the previous years. It was just as difficult to find parking, and just as congested with lost souls perishing without hope as they mock the only hope, Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, we still had about 2,000 soul witnessing soldiers for Jesus Christ who came from various states around the nation to share the gospel in this river of lost souls. I had 2 that prayed with me to surrender their lives to Christ. Fat Tuesday, as always, was a battle between the righteous and the wicked. Once again, the God mockers came to bash the Christians with signs, and loudspeakers. As we preached the gospel, they countered with offensive comments on the loudspeaker. Here are some photos of their signs they made to mock the Christians.


Although I have no idea what the Puppy sign was intended to imply, I do have a comment to make about the Santa Claus and Jesus Sign. I, personally, am against teaching children about Santa Claus for this very reason. Child are taught about a miraculous man in red, who slides down chimneys giving presents, who knows when we are good and bad, and rewards the good. What happens when the child grows up to learn that Santa is a fairy tale and now they begin to wonder of this other man, who died and rose again from the dead, walked on water and healed the sick, is true or just another fairy tale! Parents, don't lie to your children, it can backfire one day, even as these God mockers have shown above, who relate Jesus to be just as fictitious as the fictitious Santa Claus who flies around in a sled pulled by flying reindeer! The last photo is of a billboard on Rampart St., flaunting the sin nature of New Orleans!

Another key note to mention, the God mockers and wicked all seem to favor the Democratic Party! That should tell you something about the moral direction of the Democratic party!

I have added a new web page refuting the Seventh Day Adventist teachings that Jesus is Michael the Archangel!

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