Mardi Gras '99

Apostate Tarot Card reader
2/7/99 Sunday

2 saved. Mike and Brian fed the street kids while Lance and I went to gather them and invite them to the feeding. Lance and I went into Jackson square where the psychics, tarot card readers, palm readers ect. were gathered waiting for their prey. One of the tarot card readers was dressed in black with a cape and had every occultic symbol represented displayed upon his person. On his eyes he wore contact lenses that whited out the color so that it looked like you were looking into the eyes of an animal. On his fingers he wore silver rings that covered each finger all the way to the tip. He recognized Lance from last year and we began to talk.

He said that he had been anointed by Anton Levay (founder of the Church of Satan) and was even married to Anton Levay’s daughter for 4 years. One night, his heart had been pricked by something a Christian had told him and caused him to start seeking the Lord. Before he went to bed, he spoke to God asking Him “If you are really there, show me!”. The next morning, he woke up to find, on a blank painting canvas that was on an easel next to his satanic alter in his room, there was a painting of a hill with three empty crosses, and the words NRIA. He began searching for the meaning of the letters NRIA and found that they were Latin meaning “I CAME.”

With this sign from heaven, he came to Christ, went to Bible school and then went to Mexico and ran an orphanage. But, he claims, when he saw the hypocrisy in the church, he shipwrecked his faith, and now, here he is, in Jackson square, doing the abominable work of Satan. He was willing to listen to us and Lance skillfully and gently rebuked his work as a tarot card reader and we both tried to encourage him to “take up his cross and follow Jesus.”

When Lance and I returned to the feeding, I met a young man named Cory. He was drunk and careless. He didn’t care if he lived or died and was laughing at his carelessness. He didn’t want to receive the gospel of God’s love for him and rejected Christ. At one point while I was ministering to him, he said to me with a grin “You don’t think that I will walk out into the street and let a car hit me?” It was as if Satan had just put this thought into Cory’s head and he had now committed himself to obey Satan’s command and would not repent. He then walked right out into the street and stood there while the cars careened around him.

Mike, Lance and Brian were all speaking to people and unaware of this situation. He then put a cigarette into his mouth and yelled to his friend “Hey Davie, you got a lite?” After several minutes he returned to the road side laughing in his drunkenness and grabbed Davie to leave. He thanked us for the “Sloppy Joe’s” and when he thanked me for the food I said “Jesus IS the bread of life.” He looked me in the eye for a long time without expression nor moving, eating on the words I had just spoken, and then left.

Rapper "Mr. Slim"

2-9-99 Tues.
3 saved. Walked Napolian. At a porch step, I spoke to Julie and Tammy who both gave their lives to Jesus. Later, as I walked, a black man approached me asking, “Why are you doing this?” I said “Are you born again my friend?” He replied “No!” He then asked me “Why do bad things happen?” and a tear streamed down his face. He continued to tell me his best friend had just died. I told him there is a real Devil and that he brings death and destruction, that is why Jesus came. I then preached the gospel of salvation and asked him to pray with me.

With tears steaming down his face, he asked Christ to forgive him and to come live in his heart. Afterwards, I asked him for his name. He gave me a long name something like “Mr. Slim the giver...” Well, it was to long for me to remember so I told him my name, blessed him with a pocket Bible and then he left. Some 10 minutes later, he drove up in an old station wagon and walked up to me with a poster in his hand. He said that he was a rapper and made lots of money. The reason he drives this old car is because he has to keep a low profile. Everyone wants his autograph. On the poster was the two friends who had died and he wept as he showed me their pictures.

He then gave me one of his billing flyers for one of his performances. It was entitled “Formaldehyde Records ...Mr. Slim presents the new release Ghetto Tears” The Billing had his picture and his name “Mr. Slim the Ghetto Messiah” On the Billing was several other featured guests one of them was “Skull Dugrey” (When we drove home one of the billboards over I-10 advertised for “Skull Dugrey.”) Mr. Slim gave me the billing and on it was written a personal note to me saying “To my friend when I needed one, Mr. Slim”.

New Born Baby saved

In the evening, we went to feed the street kids. At the last feeding, Lance was concerned about a young woman who had a 2 week old child. She is a vampire hanging out with other Satanists, dressed in black, hair dyed black, and their teeth filed to a point to make “fangs.” They practice the drinking of blood and we feared for the life of the child. Sometimes, women in these occultic circles will birth children to offer as sacrifices. So we prayed for the child. Tonight, she came again and Lance ministered to her.

She called herself “Raven” but latter told us her real name is Dawn. This is the 4th child this 23 year old has birthed. The others were given up to adoption. She said she wanted to adopt this 2 week old child named “Christopher” and she feared that she might hurt him as there had been times when she wanted to throw him against the wall when he cried. Lance presented himself that, if Michelle would agree, he would adopt the child. She smiled with joy that he would. It was a foggy evening and she was simply taking the child into unsafe places so she left him with Lance and we brought him home.

  The Baby “Christian”

Lance found that, because he was not a resident of Louisiana, he could not adopt the child, whom we found that his correct name by birth certificate was “Christian.” When Pastor Dennis Watson spoke of the situation from the pulpit last Wednesday night, a young couple came to Lance, the wife weeping, and said “I would like to adopt the child!” Their hearts were truly broken for the child but at that time Lance told them he himself was trying to adopt the child. So when the door closed for Lance, the door now was open for this loving couple.

So when Lance called her and said “Mam, would come over to the church and bring home your son?” She burst into tears of joy and said “I will be right there.” I had the camera ready, the Pastor and other elders from the church were here, and when she arrived I fought to keep back my own tears as she took the child into her arms and kissed him with tears streaming. It was like the moment a woman gives birth and the new born child is placed into the arms of the woman who has labored for 9 months. It was a very special moment.

Police Harassment

Yesterday, I was preaching over the loudspeaker while standing in front of the Catholic Cathedral at Jackson Square. The street in front of the church was filled with every occultic activity such as tarot card readers, palm readers, psychics, crystal ball readers, ect. Many of them claim to be Catholic but they don’t want to hear the Word of God as they sell their fortune telling for a fee, opposing God’s word in Deuteronomy 18 which calls such a practice “an abomination!” Some even call on the saints and Mary for their divination.

They even have crosses and pictures of Mary on their advertisements. Here I was, speaking the Word of God to the deceived patrons and customers when a police cruiser pulled up. He called me over, and knowing that I had legal right to preach, he said angrily “I don’t care if you preach, but you cannot preach in front of the church!” (Now where do you suppose the preachers should be preaching?) I knew he was Catholic and so I asked “Officer, are you born again?” He acted like one of the partiers speaking like a child “I don’t want to hear THAT!” I said “Unless you are born again you will burn in hell!” He replied mockingly, “Well, then, I guess I will burn in hell.” And then he and the three other officers in the cruiser sped off.

The rebellion in the streets of Mardi Gras is horrible. Multitudes, every one of them, making excuses for their sin. In their drunkenness, as they encourage the girls to lift their shirts and exposed their breasts, they turn to me and say “Jesus made wine!” Drunken fornicators, they scream out “GOD LOVES EVERYBODY! God won’t send me to hell just because I am having some fun!” Oh, how the Catholic church has led these people into the pits of hell, deceiving them, even denying the Word of God, and will do nothing to help them out. When asked if they are “born again” they exclaim, “I was born Catholic, and that is enough.”
Then when I go to the scriptures they scream out “I don’t want to hear that... man wrote the Bible.” They HATE God’s Word! Each time I come to this wicked Sodom and Gomorra party, I have to question myself “Is the Catholic church truly the Whore of Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelation?” “...a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! For all of the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury. And I heard another voice from heaven saying ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive her plaques...” Rev. 18:2-4 This Catholic party, which begins the season of lent, brings in nearly $1 billion to the city of New Orleans. “The merchants of the earth become rich...”

One night, while we were preaching, a young man stood right in front of the loudspeaker as in a daze. I pulled him aside and asked “Do you know Jesus personally?” He said “No.” I said, “You should not be here my friend, you need to pour out that beer, get those beads off of your neck, repent to the Lord and get out of this party. GO HOME!” I am accustomed to the mockers rejecting this advice, but this young man, looking in a distant daze, simply spilt out his glass of beer, dropped the plastic cup to the ground, ripped of the beads and throwing them far away, and bowed his head in humble surrender. I took his hand and he prayed for God’s forgiveness and for Christ to come into his heart. I then told him “Your sins are forgiven, Go home, and sin no more.” At that, he left for home.

Thieves will not go to heaven!

Last night, as we left the French Quarters at 3:30 AM, I handed a tract to one of the two teenagers who were walking my direction. At first I did not discern their little game and he began asking me questions. I began preaching to him about the horror of sin and the wrath of God to come, that he needed to repent of his sins and come to Christ. I carry a bag that holds my Bible and as the one teen asked questions, keeping my attention, the other, by stealth, slipped to my other side. The Holy Spirit quickened me to the sensation that my bag was being tugged at and He alerted me to what the other boy was doing.

I stopped and turned to the other boy, as if I was still preaching, and continued my sermon by saying “..and the Bible says that thieves will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Young man, you know how to pickpocket, and your very good at it. Don’t think that the Holy Spirit is not telling me what you are up to. If you do not repent of your thefts and acts of robbery, you will end up burning in hell. God wants you to live by faith, and to trust him for your needs. But if you trust in your flesh, robbing people of their money, you will end up in hell. If you had gotten into my bag, you would have found my Bible, and maybe I should have let you steal it because you need to read it.” He looked very startled and they both played a game of ignorance to what I was saying and then they ran off.
Lustful police

Last night, a very attractive, and tall, young woman wearing devils horns, walked past Mikes cross, reached up and pulled it, nearly bringing it to the ground. Scott, looking in the other direction, was holding Lances cross just 10 paces from Mikes. I quickly hurried to stop her before she also pulled this one down, hurting someone or even damaging the cross. Just as she reached up, and began to pull on the cross, I caught her arm and pulled it down.

Taking advantage of the situation I asked her if she loved Jesus. Then, thinking it was her boyfriend behind me, a man lifted me off my feet. I turned to see that it was a police officer and about 3 others. Obviously, their lust for the woman blinded justice and they accused me of “battery”, but they let me go after a stern scolding. Later, I walked over to the officer (there were six of them leaning against the wall) and asked him “Didn’t any of you see that woman pull down the first cross?” He said “No.” Then they began to rebuke us for coming to Mardi Gras with our crosses and basically said “You have no right to come here.”

I looked at them all and asked “Do any of you love Jesus?” and at that, all but one tried to push me away saying “Go, go, we don’t want to hear any of that!” I looked at the one being drawn by God while the others pushed me and asked “Do YOU love Jesus?” He would not look me in the eyes and I knew he was afraid to take a stand for Christ before his heathen fellow officers. Lord help this officer to take a stand for you.

The last day of Mardi Gras, the Lord blessed me with nine souls who came to Christ. The mockers came in force. They surrounded us and mocked us through the afternoon while we preached, standing in front of the Catholic Cathedral at Jackson square. Several mockers sexually wreathed up and down on my cross, another had a balloon of a naked woman on a long stick, caused the balloon figure to stroke the top of my cross as if it was having sex. One man poured a glass of wine over me saying “The blood of the saints.”

But through it all, the Lord was faithful to bring us some sheep, who chose to turn from this perversion and come to Christ. A young woman, maybe from India, came to me and said “I think what you guys are doing is very good.” I asked “Are you born again?” She said “I am not a Christian, but I would like to be.” I took her hand and she prayed with me to receive Christ as Lord. Then I told her “Your sins are forgiven, you are now a child of God, you are now a Christian.” She smiled and said “But I was not born a Christian!?” I replied “No one is born a Christian, every Christian has done what you just did, that is the ONLY way you can become a Christian.” She rejoiced and received a pocket Bible with the love letters of Jesus Christ and his eternal words of Life!

4 saved. After Mardi Gras we traveled to Lockport. In the evening we went to Larose to preach outside of a local bar but when we go there, it was closed. So we went to a well lighted K-Mart parking lot since it to was closed and stood up the huge white cross and prayed that the Lord would bring us a harvest. As we stood there worshipping, about 12 of us, the Lord gave us a police officer, who came to Christ, and 3 other salvation’s who came to ask us why we were there! God is good! “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him...” John 6:44

Jesus said in John 3:3 “Unless one is BORN AGAIN (born from above) he cannot see the kingdom of God.” And in John 1:12-13 it says “as many as received Him (Jesus), to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name, who were BORN, not of blood, nor of the will of flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” To those who are born again by the Holy Spirit, God promised to give them His Holy Spirit, which is our deposit guarantee of our inheritance in the kingdom of God . Eph. 2:13-14.

Only those who have the Holy Spirit belong to God and these alone are the children of God. Romans 8:9-16; 9:8. If your hearts desire is to spend eternity with the living God, and to escape the fires of hell and God’s wrath to come, pray this prayer from your heart:

“Father God, I am a sinner! I repent! I don’t want to sin against you anymore. I want to be your child, born again by your Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus died for me and rose again from the dead. Jesus, I confess you as my LORD, my MASTER, my GOD. I trust you alone, I will serve no one else but you. Give me your Holy Spirit so that I can become Holy like you. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from hell and the wrath to come. I LOVE YOU, JESUS! Amen. Romans 10:9-10; John 20:28-29
If you have prayed this prayer from your heart, you are now a saint (separated from the world) you are born again. Now read and apply the Word of God (the Bible) to your life. It is the “bread of Life.” Find a Bible believing church where they love Jesus and speak the word. Fellowship with the believers.

A Servant of Jesus Christ,
Love Brian

Mark 16:15-16
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”