Fantasy Fest '99

10-28 to 11-1

Drove to Key West with Mike, John, Richard and Denise for Fantasy Fest. John, whom Mike and I met in St. Augustine, was living in a tent. He has now been traveling with us for a month, preaching the gospel. He even made his own tracts. On Friday, which was bright and sunny, we walked all of Duval St. handing out many tracts. Mike wore his sackcloth while Richard and I wore robes and carried the crosses. John video taped us. On Friday night, we returned and preached until 4:30 AM in front of two homosexual bars. They were getting very violent, cursing and yelling while we ministered to other people who were really interested in talking about Jesus.

I was standing right in front of a homosexual bar, but I was not aware of it for a long time until a man whom I was ministering to asked me to come into the homosexual bar. Mike was at the corner intersection with John. When I finally joined them, a homosexual dressed like a warlock, was cursing foul swear words at him, bringing much disturbance. In the meantime, a young man named Rob had prayed with Mike to give his life to Jesus.

Rob then left and returned to his motel room. He had come from New York with his newlywed, Margaret, for their honeymoon. He told his new bride that he had just given his life to Christ and prayed with her to receive Christ as well. They both met up with us at 4 AM to tell us the good news. Rob and Margaret joined us the next day and handed out tracts and preached the gospel on Duval St.. They led several to Christ.

I spent a long time with a Muslim from India as I showed him through the scriptures that Jesus was the “Son of God” and that He IS God! The Muslims teach that Jesus was NOT the “Son of God”, but that He was only a prophet. I believe I had planted much good seed into this young man. He let me pray for him before we parted.

On Saturday, Mike, John, Richard and I again made a steady pass through the crowd as we walked the entire distance of Duval St. handing out many tracts and returned to the church to meet up with Rob and Margaret.
On Saturday night, we all stood on Duval while the parade passed us by. Rob and Margaret joined us in the labor. Scottish bagpipers marched in the parade playing “As the Saints go marching in.” We were standing at the end of the parade and three of the bagpipers came and stood in front of Richard and myself (Mike was on the other side of the street) and they played “Amazing Grace.” We were all very blessed by these brothers in Christ who came and ministered to us.

They were a breath of fresh air in the midst of this stench of a wicked party. Blasphemies were being shouted at us continually, cursing and mockery never ceased. Many would yell out “Oh Jesus Christ!” but they were not calling out to our loving Lord and God, they were making mockery of us. Yes, to share in the sufferings of Christ, as Paul writes in Philippians “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.”

A man was arguing with Richard and I felt I should go and contend with him and help Richard. But the man was yelling angrily and uncontrollably. He was a homosexual who wanted to justify his sin. He attacked us with his foul words as he pushed himself against me with his entire body and I pushed hard against him with my body in order to keep from being pushed over or backward. He was screaming in my ear. We were like fighting roosters and I had no choice as I still had my cross on my shoulder and was limited in my movement. I was getting tired of his foul words and his pushing as I silently praying to the Lord to move him away from us.

I then began to pray in tongues and when I placed my hand on his head he exploded and grabbed Richard’s cross and began to pound it to the ground but Richard and I quickly regained control of it. I again placed my hand on his head still praying in tongues and he again went wild. With cursing and blasphemies he yelled at us as he paced across the street and left. The people watching nearby applauded, I believe, in favor of our victory. One woman across the street gave me a thumbs up. Thank you Jesus!

I prayed with a couple of people to receive Christ. Mike prayed with some 50 or so people. He was led by the Spirit to take the hand of everyone who wanted to get a picture with him and would say to them, “Repeat this prayer...” and they would pray. Some were serious. Others may not have been. But it was certainly having an impact.

One young man told me that his girlfriend had just become “Born Again” and she wouldn’t have sex with him anymore. He asked me “What should I do?” I said “Get Born Again! Repent of your sins, and call on the name of Jesus. Then marry the girl.” He grieved and said “I don’t want to stop drinking, and I can’t leave my drinking friends. Everything is going wrong, I got a DUI several weeks ago.” I said “You got a what?” He said “A DUI.” I played him a few more times asking him “What is a DUI?” I was trying to get him to open his eyes, but his eyes were darkened by lust for sin.

I said “Look what your drinking is doing to you, Repent! Turn to Jesus! Leave your friends who are leading you to hell!” He wouldn’t, and his friends grabbed his arm and dragged him down the broad road of destruction like a helpless man floating downstream towards the waterfall of death. Several times he would look back to me, like a saving branch he failed to grab that could save his life.

While I was contending with a woman, a man came and stood right next to the cross. I held my Bible in the same hand that I held the cross. This man slowly started pulling my Bible away and I ignored him holding my Bible tightly. My writing pen was in the Bible and as his hand slowly pulled and slid over my Bible he got hold of my pen and pulled it free. I continued to ignore him, so as not to lose this woman, letting him have my pen.

The man took the pen and began to stab my cross as though he would dig the pen deep into the wood. I was surprised and angry and I grabbed his hand. The pen fell to the ground and I said “What are you doing?” He just looked at me so I continued “You need to be Born Again.” He said “You don’t even know where I was born.” I thought a moment, trying to understand him and replied “OK, where were you born?” In his foreign accent he said “I come from a kingdom, I sat on a throne...” At first I thought he might have been born to a king of another country but as he continued I began to realize that he was claiming to be Christ. I cut him off and said “Sir, you are NOT Jesus.” He continued and began to curse and to blaspheme so I knew I was dealing with another demon possesed man. At first I turned away from him to ignore him but his language got worse and he would not leave. I started praying to the Lord to set this man free and then raised my hand and started praying in tongues. Mockingly he said “I don’t feel anything!” and when I laid my hand on his head he turned and fled. Thank you Jesus! I enjoy preaching to people who want to learn about Christ and who are seeking the truth. These devils come to hinder our work and stop us from fishing the good fish into the Lord’s Kingdom. They will tie you up for hours with NO fruit, while the lost sheep are swimming by.

MELBORNE  11-6-99 Sat.

Walked 192 in Melbourne. Mike, John, Richard and myself walked about 3 miles, which is a long walk. Mike had some 6 salvation’s, but I had very few to talk with, even though the road was heavily traveled. Long lines of cars jammed in the traffic, waiting for the lights to change. As the sun set, I decided to head back towards the van. The others stayed behind. I had a long walk back and had walked about half the distance to the van when a truck stopped and two guys, partly drunk, yelled to me “Hey! Do you need a ride?” I rejoiced and replied “Yes!”.

Leaving my cross behind, I jumped into the bed of the truck. The rear window was open and I poked my head in. “Where are you going?” they asked and I told them “Home Depot.” They were surprised and said “Hey! That’s where we are headed!” So I preached to them until they got to Home Depot giving them my tracts and newsletter and before I got out I said a prayer with them. I asked them to pray with me, but only one of them prayed and asked Jesus into his life. I’m not sure that he meant it, but he did call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


11-12-99 Friday
3 saved. Mike, John, Richard and I walked Titusville today . We stopped at McDonalds for lunch. I went in alone and when I tried to hand a young man a tract, he fiercely rejected it. He got his hot apple pie and went to his seat with his friend. With my meal in hand, a noticed he was looking at me and talking to his friend so now that I see that they are talking about me, I went to the table to hand his friend a tract, which he rejected and so I quoted John 3:16 “For God so loved the world...” and as he cursed me I went on to quote “he who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe, the wrath of God abides on him..” and at this he flicked his hot apple pie in my face, hitting my left ear with a sharp sting.

I closed my eyes and prayed so that he could hear me “Lord, convict this man of his wicked heart and bring him to a saving knowledge of your son Jesus Christ...” I continued to pray with my eyes closed, expecting to receive a blow by this violent young man, but when I opened my eyes, his friend sat there alone. He was gone. So I opened the door to leave, and when I looked back I saw the young man returning with the manager. The manager took me outside and told me he was a Christian, so we both had a mutual understanding. He was doing his job of keeping customers happy. I was doing my job of doing God’s work. I said “will you pray for this man so that he will not go to hell?” The manager said he would.

In Titusville, I had a 7th Day Adventist, who was not yet born again, stop to ask questions. He was raised Muslim. I prayed with him to receive Christ as Lord. Afterwards, I hoped to wean him away from the 7th Day Adventists, but his questions were more along the line of Muslim doctrine. He doubted that Christ was God, so I went through the scriptures showing him that Christ Jesus was indeed “GOD.” I believe he was beginning to see this was true.

Mike had been ministering with a Baptist brother in Christ in a parking lot when the building owner came out and cursed him loudly telling Mike to “Get the ____ off my property!” It seems strange to me to see a well dresses, clean cut business man speak this way. Mike tried to preach to the man but his mouth simply got worse. Mike finally left with the owner threatening to calling the police. They never came!

Two men at an intersection waiting on traffic, looked at me as I approached and handed them a tract. When I asked if they were “Born Again” the driver said “I need to be!” I said, “Pray with me...” and both of them prayed to receive Christ.


11-17-99 Wed.
Yesterday we drove from Cocoa to Crystal River and parked at the Sipes home. Richard, Denise and John Windh are with me at the Sipes home. Mike went to his fathers place to park.
1 saved. Today, Richard, John and I walked US 19 in Crystal River. As we prayed before walking, I prayed “Lord, only you know how many times we have carried the cross through this town. I have yet to see any real fruit of our labor in this hardened city. Please Lord, give us some fruit!”

I spoke to Jack, a backslider who is going through many trials of faith. I spent an hour or so encouraging him in the faith. When Jack left, I was in front of Fat Boys restaurant. A man and his wife had pulled in with their van, but they stayed in the van watching me. I felt they were waiting for me so I walked over to the van and said “Praise the Lord!” The man said “Good afternoon!” I handed them some tracts and asked “Are you born again by the Holy Spirit of God?” The wife said “I am but he isn’t” motioning to her husband. She said “My husbands mother died two months ago... During the funeral procession, we saw you standing on the roadside with the cross....” and they both began to weep as she continued “...and you gave us hope..”

Now they were both in tears and I laid my hand on this mans shoulder as he broke down and wept uncontrollably. I kept saying “Thank you Jesus!” It took some time before he could control his tears and when I felt he was in control I said “Take my hand and pray with me!” He took my hand and we prayed as he received Christ Jesus as Lord of his life. They were both so very thankful and as I led him through the Word of God, his hunger for the Word began to grow as he told me “I have much to learn about God’s Word. I will start to read the Bible.” He said he had recently visited a church in Dunellon where the Pastor preached the gospel and that he would return to that church. The wife stepped out of the van to take some pictures and then they left.
I rejoiced in the Lord that he answered my prayer to let me know that the ministry and message of the cross was having a positive effect on peoples lives in Crystal River.


11-22-99 Mon.
I rode with Richard and Denise to Ocala. John came with us. Richard had to get some blood taken for tests. While we waited for Richard at the Blood Bank, Richard came out to me and said “Brian, this woman inside has been a Jehovah’s Witness for 30 years. Will you go talk to her?” I replied positively and went inside with Richard. The woman had gone in back to get blood drawn, so I returned outside to wait. I then noticed her husband in the truck so I gave him my salvation tracts.
I asked “Are you Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God?” He said “No one can ever know if he is born again.” I read him
I Jn 5:11-13 “And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.”

As I read the scripture he kept arguing with me so I asked “Is Jesus coming in the Flesh when He returns?” He said “No one knows.” I repeated my question as I know the Watchtower teaches that Jesus is NOT coming in the flesh, but in the Spirit.
So I read II Jn 1:7 “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, who do not confess that Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” (NKJ)

I read the scripture many times as he seemed determined to avoid the truth. Then he asked me “Who is Jehovah?” I said “Jesus is Jehovah?” He almost leaped in surprise when I said that and began to argue with me. “Where does Jesus say He is Jehovah?” he asked. I showed him
John 20:28-29 “And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

And I continued to tell him that the interlinear has the definitive article before the Word “God” and every Jehovah’s Witness knows that when the definitive article “the” appears before the Word “God” it means “Jehovah God”. He didn’t want to hear this and I said “You need to get out of this cult!” He was shocked and said “Don’t ever call it a cult!” I replied “Your in a cult!” He physically pushed me away from his truck, kicked his door open and acted like he was going to get out and fight.
But instead he closed his door again and started the engine racing the engine. I kneeled on the ground with my arms upraised, closed my eyes and started praying out loud “Father God, in the name of your son Jesus, convict this man of his wicked heart and the false teachings of the Watchtower. Lord, your word say that every knee shall bow and that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and this man has rejected your word and is in total rebellion to your word. Bring this man to repentance so that he will not have to confess Jesus Christ as Lord in HELL”

My eyes were closed, but I was later told that this man, in front of many onlookers, as all the people in the surrounding businesses came to see the commotion, had taken a killing bat from his truck bed and threatened to take my life. Richard, Denise, John, Hunter, the people were all watching this while I prayed. By the grace of God, I never looked so I was unaware of the danger. But the words came from my mouth “Lord, your word says blessed are you when you are persecuted for My names sake and the Gospel for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets which were before you.”

When I looked up, he had put away the bat which I never saw, and jumped into the truck. His wife had now come out of the blood bank and she said “We believe in Jesus!?” I said “He is GOD!” I then read the same scripture to her and then said “I have NEVER met a Jehovah’s Witness that can bow their knee and confess Jesus Christ is the Lord” and I was on my knees as I spoke those words and I pointed to her and said “Can YOU!” She slowly replied “Yes.” I commanded her “Then get on your knees and confess Jesus Christ, you are my Lord!” She said I can’t. Her husband was spilling out curse words and instructed her to get into the truck. So they left.

Only then did I realize the crowd that had gathered. Richard went into the Blood Bank and apologized, telling them what had happened. I followed. The secretary said “If he had hit you with the club, I would have called 911.” I said “Thank you, that would have been helpful.” Everyone in the complex got to see the wickedness of the Jehovah’s Witness “Anti-Christ” demon manifested!