Year '02

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Inverness, FL       Parade   Dec 2002

Richard and I next to the sign on our float!

Richard and I walked the crosses with 3 more cross bearers in the Inverness parade. Jimmy drove the  truck with the sign “Jesus the only Worshipful Master”! We were put at the end of the parade so we never got to see the Shriners and Masons who were in the parade. But Michael had his cross and sign strategically located at the end of the parade. His sign said "Christmas is about Jesus", but then it flips down to say “The Masonic Lodge is a Satanic Cult! Christians get out of the Demonic Lodge!” So while our sign on the truck was glorifying the name of Jesus, yet rebuking the Masons along the roadside of the parade, Michael's sign was targeting every Mason who was walking in the parade and exposing their cult. The police had to come over to protect Michael as some of the Shriners were near to wanting to fight with him. We passed out some 4,000 gospel tracts!  Last week, we walked the Crystal River Parade and distributed another 3,000 + tracts.

Our tract distributing team and fellow cross bearers for the parade!

In the evening, Michael and Richard both went to Dunnellon and carried the crosses in the Dunnellon parade passing out tracts! I was in a play at the Crystal River Assemblies of God expressing the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection from the dead. I was blessed to play the part of Jesus!

The resurrected King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Jesus Christ in the play at Crystal River Assemblies of God!

Gainseville, FL      University of Florida

Michael, Richard and I walked crosses on the UF campus in Gainesville. We passed out many tracts at lunch time, maybe several hundred each. We made it to the place were they gather to socialize and had many conversations through the day. A brother, who is young in Christ, asked me lots of questions. I discipled him for about an hour. While I spoke with him, a young man proclaimed to be an atheist and argued with me about evolution by which I contested the gospel and the Lord's love for him.
After Darren left, I had another group of Christians stop to talk with me. It started with one girl who stopped to test my beliefs. After hearing me, she rejoiced that we were Christians. The Holy Spirit was upon her greatly and she said she had to leave for class. A few moments later, I heard the voice of a woman preaching and turned around to see this sister waving her Bible and preaching the gospel. She skipped class to proclaim God's word. Another precious girl stayed with me, and I later found out that she was a Catholic. So we talked about some of the errors of the Catholic church. After she left, I had a young man who was using his video camera to record us ministering to people. I asked him if he was Christian. He said that he was not but that he was searching. I said “That is good! Jesus said `Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and you shall receive!” So I proclaimed the gospel and answered many of his questions before he had to leave. It was near sunset when we finished and one young man followed us the half hour walk back to the truck asking many questions about the Once Saved, Always Saved doctrine which he was taught, but we disagree with.

San Fernando, Mexico

Students of the School in San Fernando, Mexico                  Roger and Myself with the students

On Sunday the 10th, Roger Proffer and I drove to Harlingen, TX to deliver Rogers old truck to the missionaries Benjamin Ojeda and Jeff Gudgel. It took 2 days to travel there and on Monday evening, we departed from Harlingen, TX and drove into Mexico about 2 hours into the country to San Fernando, Mexico. There we spent the next two days. We were both asked to teach some classes for the students of the school.

Jeff had shared with me that the Masons had been sending the Satanists to come to the school to place curses upon the school. I looked at Jeff in amazement and told him that I have been trying to expose the wickedness of the Masonic Lodge this year.

One of the students, Ismael, is an Indian from a tribe of 200 indians, all of whom have become Christians in southern Mexico where the people are mostly Catholic. Ismael said the people of his village sleep in danger every night as the Catholics have come in and killed some of their people for converting to Christianity. He said they refuse to take up weapons to fight back.

The school, which is meeting at the Pastors house, had also tried to receive some land from the state to build a school building with the hopes of also including a medical clinic. At this clinic, Missionaries from the states can come and minister to the people. But some enemies of the school had slipped the information out to the “squatters” from southern Mexico, which are poor people who come and, according to the law, place fences about the property and set up a makeshift house which is a statement of homesteading. If the owners of the land do not come and forcibly remove them from the land, then they can eventually claim it and own it. Since these people are very violent, the land owners simply let them have the land rather than spill blood.

Roger and Benjamin walk past a "squatters" house.

So the land was quickly over-run with these “squatters” and they lost the land. The Lord gave Benjamin favor and another tract of land was available so they made sure that no one knew of the situation and they quickly put up fences and started construction with a small portion to show that they claim the land. With the school, they hope to train in evangelism, and also to bring in teachers to train in some vocations such as mechanics and other useful training to help these people to get good jobs and education. So if your looking for a work for Jesus, contact them.    at email

Now, they are awaiting the finances and help they need to build these buildings. Roger, a member of the Rotary in Crystal River, FL, was hoping to establish connection with the Rotary in San Fernando, Mexico for help in building the clinic. To our amazement, the Lord moved very quickly and opened up some unbelievable doors.

We met with the Rotary members who also had a project which was unfinished. The Fire Department had no firehouse. The Volunteer Fire Department sits in the hot sun near the fire truck waiting for a fire call. So, in their boredom, they go to the local pub and get drunk. A fire house will help keep these men at the station so they are prepared when a fire call comes.

     UPDATE 2005!  New Fire truck delivered. See Kings Bay Rotary
Jeff looking for date of this old fire truck. We found it, 1968!

Then we saw the fire truck. A 1968 model. The fire clothing was old and since the water in the city is often shut down, the fire truck may connect to a fire hydrant, and get NO water. So they need a fire truck that holds water. Then we saw their ONLY ambulance. This too was ancient and had nothing but a bed to take an injured person to the hospital, one person at a time. So the Rotary club there in a city of 80,000 people, had lots of needs, but no resources to help the city.

Looking at the ambulance.

This all turned into a wonderful open door for us. As Roger agreed to approach the Rotary club in Crystal River for these needs, we ended up in a conference with the President of this territory. With our visit, we were able to get help for the mission to get items into the country without the border police preventing it. They also needed roads to get to the property, and conversation with the President included this item. The President agreed to come for dinner and meet with Benjamin and the local Pastor to help them get things going on the school for the mission. God opened doors so quickly we were all amazed. The newspaper came and took photos of us and wrote an article for the paper.

Benjamin was able to meet new friends from the local Rotary club, all were men of high authority in the city.  All of whom may in the future, be helpful in the building of the school. The curses of the Satanists, sent by the Masons, have NO Power over the work of our Lord Jesus Christ! Instead, the Lord turned it into blessings!

On Thursday the 14th, Roger and I flew back to Tampa and drove to Crystal River.

Fantasy Fest

Richard, Michael and I traveled to Key West for my 8th year of preaching at this wicked Sodom and Gomorrah party. On the way to Key West, a drunk driver tried to pass another vehicle on one of the many bridges to the Keys. The driver hit another car head on. 2 people were dead, another injured. As we waited in the traffic jam for the 4 hour investigation and cleanup, we passed out tracts and witnessed to others who were also waiting. The hot sun finally set giving us refuge from the heat, but the mosquito's came out for dinner, chasing many to their cars for relief.

We camped out on the floor of Glad Tidings Assembly of God and rejoiced that the Lord had sent a small army this year. Groups came from Georgia, Kentucky, West Palm Beach and Crystal River. Brother Richard, whom I met while walking the cross in Louisiana also came.

We passed out thousands of tracts and witnessed to many people during the 2 days. We prayed with many, while the party raged.


On Saturday morning, just before hitting the streets, a man pulled up to the church while I was getting things out of the van. I had an anti-mason sticker on the back and he asked “Are you against Masons?” I said “You better believe I am!” He replied from this day forward, I will never support this church again!” I noticed his Shriner sticker an asked “Did you swear an oath to Allah with your hand on the Koran?” He denied it and drove away to his house next door. I walked around the corner and asked “Do you call another man “Worshipful Master” other than Jesus?” He got out of his car and walked towards me, so I met him in the street where his driveway meets the road. He denied everything I said arguing with me so I got onto my knees in front of him and prayed for him while his wife put a paper in front of my face to block my words. When I got up, I returned to the church but the man was now very angry that I had exposed his cult in front of his wife and child so he came to the church to complain to the Pastor about me. The Pastor was out of town but it became evident that he somehow reached the Pastor by the next day. I learned the man was Catholic and wasn't saved, let alone the fact that he was not a supporter of this church.

It is interesting to note, that the Catholic church doesn't even allow men to enter the Masonic Lodge according to the bull In Eminenti of April 28th 1736 by Clement XII.


The first night out, a young man who went to a Methodist church was greatly convicted and returned with Michael and I to the van. We drove him home as he said “I want you to know that you have changed my life!” It was encouraging that in the midst of this wicked party, a life is changed because of our presence.

The second night was the parade. Michael and I positioned our crosses so the television crew would pick up the crosses in the background as the floats passed the judges. I remained there for many hours waiting for the parade, while holding a position in the crowd. During the parade, one woman tapped me on the shoulder from behind and asked “Are you for real?” I shook my head yes and she gave me a thumbs up.  Another woman came over to thank me for being so bold for Jesus.


Since some of the mockers dress up as Catholic priests, nuns and other characters, it is really a blessing that these people know that we are NOT part of this wicked party. It is always clearly evident by the hecklers and wicked people who harass us, that the wicked are very much aware that we are not partakers of this party. In fact, we are a stench to the wicked. The devils certainly know that we are for real! I had a man, wearing a very demonic mask, ask me if he could talk to me. I thought he was a mocker but after a few minutes I realized this guy was for real. He wanted to know how to be saved and I shared the gospel with him. He wouldn't surrender to Christ right there, but he took my counsel to go home and read the Bible to build his faith in the person of Jesus Christ.


10/18 - 19

Richard and I traveled to Daytona to preach at Biketoberfest , a gathering of bikers from around the country. Hooking up with Frank Gresham, we took the crosses out and passed out tracts, witnessing to anyone who would stop to converse with us. I met one man, who was backslidden and had a wonderful opportunity to minister to his heart and pray with him for a restoration with the Lord Jesus Christ.
John and Frank had trouble with a police officer  the first night they went out. The officer said that the city had an ordinance forbidding the passing out of tracts. John called the city the next day and found that church's were exempt. So we got a copy of the ordinance and retuned the next night. Richard ended up meeting the same officer who said the same to him, that he could not pass out his tracts. Richard said “No, no, no, your wrong! I CAN pass out my tracts!” The officer replied that he could not and when Richard confronted the man that we have a copy of the ordinance and that we are exempt, the officer said “Your only exempt from the fee!” Richard laughed at the man's ignorance since the penalty is only a fee, and that is exactly what we are exempt from. So the officers threat was now null and void as the officer was very upset that he had no authority over the issue. It was clear he didn't want us preaching Jesus and was misusing his authority to try to stop us.
8/28   Nashville, Tennessee

8/20      Tuesday

Newspaper links of our interview
Ashland City Times
Nashville Tennessean

Michael and I walked the town of Ashland City where we are parked about 15 miles west of Nashville. It is definitely a Masonic stronghold. We also learned that Nashville was built by the Masons, and that the Masonic building in Nashville actually has the bones and remains of a Mason architect buried in the walls of the building itself.

This Masonic Lodge, I was told, has the bones
of a Masonic Archetect buried within the walls!

This morning, Michael and I met a woman in the church. She was praying in the sanctuary and afterwards we talked. She has had a strong burden from the Lord to expose the Masons as well. It appears that she has felt like a lone ranger on this mission. She says there are masons going to this church.

As soon as we got onto the street, with our mason signs attached, the people of the town were in awe, coming out of their businesses to see us. Everywhere I looked, people were outside the doors staring at us. A man parked his truck and came over to take one of my tracts. “Let me see what you have!” He said as he took my tract. I asked him if he was a Mason in which he confirmed “Yes!” he continued “Have you been a member of the Masonic Lodge?” Of course when I said “no” he portrayed his unbelief to anything I said. I told the man that their secret is out. Former masons whom have repented are not afraid to expose their deep dark secrets. He scoffed as though I didn't know anything at all. He said that he was a Sunday school teacher at his church. I said “Who is your Worshipful Master?” He relied “Jesus!” Then I asked “Do you call another man your Worshipful Master? Or have you been called Worshipful Master?” He walked away across the street as I quoted Mathew 23:10 and Mathew 6:24 (Do not be called Master and you cannot serve two Masters).  The group of people standing outside the door of an attorneys office greeted him back and they all had a laugh over my tracts as they passed them around and handed it back to the man. He got into his truck and left. A few minutes later, the attorney from the same office came over and asked for my tract. He too is a mason with a Masonic ring. I said “Are you going to run off before we reason together like all the other masons?” He asked me if I had been a member in the lodge at which I changed direction and avoided his question by charging him on his oath and some other charges. He too ran off without trying to reason together.

Michael was in an argument with a man across the street. The man claimed that he was not a Mason but wanted to know why we were against the Lodge. Michael exposed a variety of things about the Lodge of which the man gave some argument and when he talked about the offense of a man in the Lodge whom they call their “Worshipful Master” the man relied “I am the Worshipful Master!” Michael replied “You're a dog! Your just dust of the earth! Furthermore, you're a liar! You just told me you were not a Mason and now your telling me you're the Worshipful Master in the Lodge! Revelation 21:8 says that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire!” After this, Michael tells me, the man was greatly humbled and began to listen to what he had to say.

The chief of police came and gave Michael a lot of trouble, actually yelling at him. Michael was standing in front of the court house slightly in the street as there was not a sidewalk and the cars were parked behind him right to the street line making it difficult to find a place to stand. I was also standing in the street at the corner but well within the white line which was about 8 feet from the sidewalk. The chief saw me and started screaming to me, but I couldn't understand because of the traffic noise. Michael yelled over to me “Brian, get on the sidewalk!” So I stepped back a few steps onto the sidewalk. I later learned the chief wanted us both off the streets altogether though Michael pleaded our right to stand on public access ways as long as we do not block traffic. The chief left, but later, as we were walking down the street, he stopped again to harass us. He argued with Michael as two more police cruisers pulled over. They took our drivers license to check us out while the chief argued that we had to get off the street and could not walk down the street because we were hindering traffic because they would be watching us. Michael had been recording the man on his digital video camera which records sound and video. The officer wanted to know if he was recording him and he said he was. He also told the chief that when we get a wicked police officer that he prays that the Lord would remove the man from his office and replace him with a godly man and the Lord does. At this, the man quickly changed his course and began to reason with Michael. The newspaper reporter had come and was taking pictures of the whole incident with the police and asked us questions as well as the police.

Ashland City police chief questions Michael. They did NOT want us in
their city exposing the Masonic cult!

People drove by making different comments. “You're an idiot!” came one. Another one yelled out in an angry voice “Masons are good people!”

In the meantime, I had some more Masons pull over to take a copy of my mason tract to read while the police investigated us. For the first time ever, Of the many times that I have had my license checked, the officer who checked on my license said that they were reporting back to him that my license was lapsed. The expiration date on it is 2006 and I said to the officer, “This is very interesting, I suppose I shall now report to my friends that the Masons, whom have people in every government office, have wrongfully reported my license as lapsed!” He asked me for my social security number and after rechecking it, came back and returned my license with a thumbs up “OK” while I talked with the news reporter and he returned across the street.

There was no small stir in this town as we exposed the Masonic Lodge. Many Christians drove by with their thumbs up to show their approval. The chief said “What if 90 percent of the people in this town were Masons?” Indicating that we were in the wrong for exposing them and that the majority was in the right. When Michael told the officer about the thumbs up by many Christians, he was humbled in his statement and his expression changed.

Throughout the day, I had a young man pray with me to receive Christ. I believe that Michael said he had two that received Christ today also.

In the evening, we had some sweet fellowship with Christian friends we met during the day. They were very inquisitive to learn all about the cult of the Masonic Lodge so that they too could contend for the faith of Jesus Christ. One of these men is a well known street evangelist here in town. He had spent some time with us on the street today and when he got home, a 32 degree mason called him after seeing him talking with us, and asked him to meet with him to talk about us. He had several other Masons approach him at the fair where he has a booth before meeting up with us at 9 PM. He came to get all the documentation he could to be prepared to contend with the Masons of this city.

Thank you Lord Jesus for exposing darkness to the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

8/21      Wednesday     Nashville, TN

Michael and I walked the crosses in the center of Nashville with the mason signs attached. I had a number of Masons stop to take one of my Mason tracts. One gentleman who claimed to be a “Master” spent some time with me as he let me give the details of the crime of the Mason who enters the Lodge if he claims to be a Christian. When I confronted him on being called a “Master” he said “It's just a title!” I replied “Yes! A title that belongs to Jesus Christ alone!”  He said he would study my literature because if it is against his faith in Jesus Christ, he said he would leave the Lodge. Praise the Lord!

Michael met a police officer who told him that he was not a Mason, but that most of the police department is in the Lodge. One of the officers in the department had gone on a shooting spree not long ago, injuring many people. The officer who went on the shooting spree had some 15 counts charged against him. This officer talking to Michael was shocked when the judgment by the judge for the man who shot the people was only probation. No prison term! It was very clear to this man that it was Masonic favoritism. The Judge was a fraternal Masonic brother to the man who shot the people. This is clearly “unrighteousness”!

While we stood on a busy intersection of town, dead center of town, a police officer asked us to move. He said they had a lot of calls with people complaining about us being there. I told the officer that the Masonic Lodge has infected our government all the way up to the highest office. With us exposing them, it is no wonder they would want us to be moved.

I met a Jehovah's Witness and had a long conversation with the young man. He took my tract and I encouraged him to go to my web site on the JW cult to review how often the Watchtower twisted the scriptures.

8/22      Thursday

We again walked the crosses in center Nashville with the Mason signs attached. I had much fruit handing out tracts in front an elementary school next to the Masonic Lodge. One girl said that her father was a Mason. I gave her a Mason tract. I had a group of teens gather around me as they asked me questions. One of them wanted to contest with me that God will not reject the multitudes around the world whom have not ever heard of Jesus. I quoted John 3:3, John 14:6 and many other verses. After much conversation on the topic, he left. But several others hung around. Several of them were Christians and loved the Lord. One young man had left the faith and contended with me. While I was ministering to him, a truck driver stopped to wave to me and acknowledge my Mason sign and cross. He stepped out of the truck. Leaving it running in the street, and helped to minister to the youth. The young man finally admitted that he was once zealous for the Lord but had reached his limit of being mocked and rejected on account of the gospel. But I believe we were able to encourage him to return as he let me pray a prayer for him.

Further down the road, a man walked by and took a tract. Michael and I were under a covering to keep out of the rain which had begun to pour. The man said “DO you really believe that?” in a mocking manner. Michael replied “Jesus is Lord!” the man continued “Yah! And he is so much Lord that you cannot even play instruments in the church!” Michael replied “That is the teachings of the Church of Christ cult!” The man's eyes opened wide in our favor “You don't believe that?” and within a few minutes we had the man's favor and he began to weep and got on his knees crying out to the Lord for forgiveness. We had helped him to be free from the legalism of the Church of Christ doctrine and the liberty had the power to liberate this man from his sin. It was a wonderful testimony of the power of the Spirit of God to liberate us from sin verses the letter of the Law. He didn't want to leave us as the presence of God had covered him like a blanket as he continued to weep. He was on his way to the bar with a friend and had now committed to return home instead. He wanted to get alone with the Lord.

At the end of the walk, we both met homeless men who wanted dinner so we took them out for a meal.

8/23      Friday    Southern Baptist Convention

Michael and I rose early and drove out to drive to Nashville and hold the crosses with the mason signs and stand outside of the Southern Baptist Convention center. We arrived before 9 AM and located ourselves just out front of the building. Several men came out to talk with Michael. A photographer came out from the Lifeway building, which is the newspaper division of the Baptist church. I believe we made a big impact on the Baptists. Michael would occasionally proclaim loudly something to the effect that they need to get the Masons out of the church.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the main offices
of the Baptist Church where we stood with the signs.

At about 10 Am we left and made our way back to Ashland City where we held the crosses for about an hour during the lunch traffic at one of the key lights in town. One mason in his truck shook his head back and forth and shouted out “NO!” He was obviously very offended by my sign. He returned and shouted out “YOUR CRAZY!” as he drove by.

Then we packed up and drove to Clarksville and held the cross in front of Austin Peay State University. The college had a history plaque which said that it had been a Masonic college in the 1950's. Michael had a Mason shout out threats and cursed violently. One mason came over to Michael and he seemed to have some good fruit convincing the man of the errors of the cult. I had 4 unbelievers who were college age, stop to talk t me. They wanted to convince me that any religion is a way to heaven. I stayed focused on Jesus as the only way. One of them had been studying somewhat on the Muslim religion and we disputed over the name “Allah” which he claimed was the Arabic word for God. I tried to convince him that it was the name of their deity which is a demon. They finally walked away in unbelief laughing at me.

8/24 - 25     Sat. & Sund.

We rested Saturday. Sunday, after church, David and Vicky took us to lunch at Bill's Seafood Rest. A shriner was seated in the restaurant and Michael gave him a Mason tract. He read some of it, and when he was convicted, he returned it to Michael and said “You can shove this up your ____!” As we ate, the rain came and it was pouring down rain. After half an hour or so, the rain let up a little. The Shriner walked out of the restaurant and within seconds, a lightning bolt struck right outside the restaurant. The man wasn't hurt, but it was clearly a “wakeup call” for this rebel!

8/02 Covington, Kentucky; Louisville, Kentucky; Jeffersonville, Indiana

We drove from Cincinnati to Louisville, KY on Monday the 12th. As I was crossing the street at the end of the day of walking the cross in Covington, KY, which is over the bridge from Cincinnati, a young gentleman in a car would not pass, but motioned to me to cross the street. He remained at the stop sign as Michael crossed as well. Then he pulled into the parking lot where we were putting away the crosses for the evening. He wanted to know what we were doing so both Michael and I shared with him the gospel of Jesus Christ. This young man, who was on his way to buy a bag of pot, had not been in a church for 8 years. He prayed with us as he surrendered his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. On Sunday, this young man came to meet us at the Montgomery Assembly of God church we were parked at and attended the service. He wept the entire service as the Lord Jesus Christ melted his heart by His wonderful presence. After the service he went out for lunch with us for a time of fellowship. His grandfather was a Baptist preacher and had even died in the presence of the Lord while praying at the alter. This left a strong impression upon him, he is now willing to follow his grandfathers footsteps.

In Louisville, we walked the center of the city where I handed a tract to a man who said he was Muslim. He was determined to perish as I tried to convince him of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it became clear that he had studied the scriptures, not to find salvation, but to train himself to dispute with Christians. I quoted him John 14:6   “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” by which he then quoted the same verse in Greek, at least that is what he told me, and then tried to disprove what it was saying. I finally simply walked away from the man whom prefers to worship his pagan god “allah” with no desire to learn the only way to salvation. At one point I asked the man, “So then, what is your sacrifice to pay the price for your sins? The wages of sin is death and you're a sinner on your way to hell, where is your sacrifice to pay the price on your behalf? Allah didn't die for your sins! Neither did Muhammad!” I had to repeat this question several times as he knew he didn't have an answer and tried to cover his lack of an answer with other conversation. The atoning sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ for our sins is a foreign concept to the Muslim mind. At one point I got on my knees before him and prayed for him, which he despised. But eventually, I simply had to walk away from him as he didn't want to converse, but rather anted to argue against the gospel to his own destruction. Lord have mercy on this deceived man and all Muslims.

In  Jeffersonville, Indiana, we were interviewed by the local newspaper who put a photo of us walking the cross through town on the front page of the paper with the title “Got Jesus?” I prayed with a 51 year old man who humbled himself and asked Jesus into his life. I said “Hey brother, you may have another 30 years to live, why don't you commit to the Lord to give him the rest of your life as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ?” He received the word openly and shared with me some experiences he had with the Lord in various times through his life.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael and I drove to Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday and are now parked at a church here. Today, we walked the crosses through the city starting in a section called “Over-the-Rhine” along Vine Street. The neighborhood was extremely low income and filled with prostitution and crack cocaine was openly being smoked by the drug addicts on the streets. Michael had a few dangerous encounters as he stepped into their crack gatherings in the back alleys and they threatened him. They recently had race riots here in this neighborhood and two white men wearing white robes carrying crosses was a very risky move. Michael had reservations about me carrying my white cross which has the words “Jesus Loves you!” painted in red on one side and “King Jesus” on the other. But I carried it anyway as I felt that the message could be read from my cross if they refuse to take my track. As we walked into the neighborhood, we seemed to be shunned by all but a few. The demonic cult of Islam had infected this part of the city. It is becoming very clear that those who choose to follow Islam in neighborhoods like this are simply rebellious, sinful people who want an excuse to reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. They don't have to repent of their wicked deeds to follow Islam. One young man said he believed in “Allah” instead of Jesus! I told him that in the Hebrew language, “Allah” meant “a curse”! He said “Those are fighting words” as he stood up acting real tough like he wanted to fight. I said “Allah didn't die on the cross to pay for your sins, Jesus did! Without Jesus, you will end up in hell!” He cowered as he walked away saying “YOU are going to hell following Jesus!”. Of course he couldn't give me any proof to support his claim. Nonetheless, I continued to walk. Michael said that at one point, he wanted to tell me that we were in a very dangerous place. Most everyone I met was NOT saved and I had a few good conversations planting the seed of eternal life.
Michael as we walked through the ghetto!

As we crossed E. Central Parkway, it was like day and night. This one street separated the deep darkness of the sinful gutter of the “Over-the-Rhine” ghettos and into the very center of the city with sky scrapers and business people commuting to and from one building to another. Passing out many tracts, encountering conversations along the way, we finally ended up at the Ohio River and backtracked on Walnut Street through the city, and back into “Over-the-Rhine” ghetto returning to my parked van, which I rejoiced was not tampered with in this high crime neighborhood.

We are parked in the suburbs of Cincinnati where there is a strong population of Jewish immigrants. We talked with a Christian woman last night who is a Jewish Christian from Iraq. She was saved at the age of 17. Her heart broke as she shared her desire for the Jewish people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and she asked Michael and I to lay hands on her 4 children and pray blessings over them. Tomorrow, Michael and I hope to walk the cross on the other side of the river and Saturday, we hope to walk the cross in this Jewish neighborhood.

Circleville and Chillicothe, Ohio

7/29      Monday

Michael and I held the crosses in Circleville at Main and Court once again with the Mason signs. One Mason honked his horn. I looked at him, and he looked me squarely in the eyes with a face of rage, and he slowly raised his hand and then thrust his middle finger at me as he drove away. I simply continued to smile at him. There were several of these middle finger waves in Circleville, one was a girl, whom I presume is a daughter of a Mason. Michael said he saw two girls with the middle finger wave. I can now say, that I have had the middle finger wave from the Masons this year, numbering into the hundreds. It is surprising to see grown men, acting so very childish. Yet they are too cowardly to stop and reason together with me about the errors of their cult.

One man walked by and rejected my tract. I asked “Are you Christian?” He replied without looking at me, “Yes!” I said “Do you know anyone in the Masonic Lodge?” He shook his head yes and said “I am in the Masonic Lodge, and you guys are misinterpreting things!” The light changed and as he proceeded across the street I quoted the curse of the oath in which they make and told him that when he took that oath he put a curse on his home and family! He continued to walk into the distance.

One man honked his horn and with his finger suggested that I come over to his car. I stayed put but he drove up to me and rolled down his window and said “Do you have any proof of what your saying?” I gave him my tract and he showed a great interest in researching it out. I don't think he was a Mason. Another brother walked by, whom we met last week and had taken my tract on Masons. He said that he found it interesting reading and that he confronted his friend at the bank about being called “Worshipful Master”. He said they got into a heated argument about it. So now it looks as though we have a fellow “Mason Buster” in Circleville.

Michael and I then decided to drive to Chillicothe and do the same there. We stopped at Burger King for lunch and as I gave salvation tracts to the workers, one lady behind the counter asked “Were you the guys with the crosses in town?” I said “Yes, we are preaching Jesus and trying to expose the Masonic Lodge, it's a Satanic cult! And it's in the church!” She took my Mason tract and a cook looked through the French fry warmer bin and asked “Hey! Can I have one of those too?” So I gave him a tract on the Masons as well, and also a salvation tract.

It rained very hard as we arrived at Chillicothe but only lasted 10-15 minutes. So we pulled out the crosses and signs and found the center of town and held the crosses there. At first I encountered a young man who was very confused and his twisted mind had no understanding of the gospel of Christ. Among his twisted and confused ideas, he said the Jihad was the 188,000 of the book of Revelation. I corrected him that it is 144,000 and they are Jews, not Arabs, whom have never been with a woman and never spoken wickedly. I continued “Those suicide bombers of Jihad are murderers, and the Bible says that NO murderer has any part in the Kingdom of God!”  After he left, another man walked up and asked “So what made you put this sign on your cross?” He turned out to be an Apostolic Pastor, a former Mormon. I told him the Masons were a Satanic cult and he agreed. I then told him how the Mormon church and it's rituals were a spring off from Masonry, which he didn't know. He enjoyed my conversation and made mention that we probably don't agree on certain things (I assume he was oneness) but we did fellowship together as we talked about the Masonic cult. My tract has my web page were he can investigate further if he wants to research the oneness doctrine and it's errors.

A woman, Laura, stopped to ask me about my sign. Her grandfather was a Mason and as I exposed the Masonic cult, she revealed that her family (Mother and other relatives) were heavily involved in witchcraft. I revealed that it was from the Masonic curse. She prayed with me to break the curse, and asked the Lord's forgiveness for the sins of her fathers. She wept and said that I was an angel sent from heaven and that I would probably disappear after she left. I told her that the word “angel” means “messenger” so I would receive that compliment only to the point that I was sent to be a messenger. I assured her that I would not disappear! As she was about to leave, a man came to ask me about my sign and confessed he was a Master Mason. He is not active and only pays his dues. I confronted him on many issues of the Lodge and when I mentioned the oath, he quickly took me to the courts and the oaths people take before being a witness. I laughed and said “You guys are always leaning on the oaths in the courts! I wouldn't be surprised to find that it was the Masons that instituted that oath in the court! Your still in disobedience to Gods word that says not to take oaths, and besides, I understand that a Christian can reject taking the oath… NO one can force you to take an oath, let alone a blood oath!”

We continued in length as he and I contended over the faith in Christ and the Masonic Lodge. He claimed that he got saved in the Lodge. I responded that he probably never got saved at all. “No one” I contended “Who is born again by the Holy Spirit, could continue to call another man their Worshipful Master!” Laura agreed as she was listening to all of this. He asked if he could take my picture and did so. He said I cold find the photo on which he works for. I encouraged him to seek the face of Jesus and to sell out for the gospel's sake. He let me pray with him and even prayed with me, that if the Lodge was not of God, that the Lord would reveal this to him. He even said that he meant that prayer.

As soon as the man left, another woman approached me with a big smile. She said that she had been talking to Michael and had come over to encourage me. She said that her prayer group had been praying this past year that the Masonic Lodge would be exposed! “And” she said “Here you guys are… EXPOSING the Masonic Lodge!” She was rejoicing and could hardly contain her excitement. I then learned that the Government building where Michael was standing, was the first capital building in Ohio and the Masons built it in the early 1800's. Here we were, now standing in front of the Masonic stronghold for this state, EXPOSING the cult.

Michael said that the Masons, as they passed by, were in shock! I had conversation most of the day so I never noticed. They would nearly come to a stop as they read the signs and their jaw would drop. They had never been confronted here before!

Michael had contended with several Mormons and a Satanist during the day.  I prayed with several during the day, whom received Christ Jesus as Lord. Eugene, who stopped to listen as I spoke to the Mason, and the women and others, was faithful to remain to the end, and then he prayed to receive Christ.

Red, White and Boom          Columbus, Ohio

7/3     Wednesday

Michael brought his family, and another brother who works at the store here, Frank and his wife, Wanda, came with us to preach at the July 4th celebration in Columbus, Ohio. We both wore the white robes, with the crosses. Michael attached his sign with the many false teachings and sinful lifestyles that are in danger of hell. We stationed ourselves at the bridge where the fireworks display takes place. On several occasions, a very large group of people would gather around Michael to read his sign. When they would come to the sin or religion they are trusting to save them, they would rage into an argument. In years past, we could stand out here and get little response for discussion to open the door of ministry, but the sign created almost an unending presence of lost souls inquiring “well then, HOW DO I GET SAVED?” It is fruitful!

Gathering to read the sign on Michael's cross.
A closeup of this sign is shown further on this page.

At one point, I had 6 Catholic teens asking me lots of questions, and after proclaiming the gospel message of salvation by believing on Jesus Christ, repentance and confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, they prayed with me to receive Christ as Lord! While talking to one young man, another gentleman stopped to listen. I was telling the brother about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord healed several of my close friends from “incurable” deseases (Hepatitis C and another friend, Lupus) by the laying on of hands and the prayer of faith. The gentleman who was listening said “I just want to ask you one question!” I said “OK!” he continued “What to you feel about water baptism?” After a brief discussion about baptism, he went on to say that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were NOT for today and quoted 1 Corinthians 13:8-10

1 Cor. 13:8-10
    Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. [9] For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. [10] But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

He said that the Bible was the “perfection” and therefore, the writing of the scriptures was the end of the gifts, which is a false teaching for those who wish to deny the power of God in these days.

2 Tim. 3:1,5
    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

I had just been telling the other brother about the gift of “discerning of spirits” and how the Holy Spirit will show me if someone is a Homosexual, or a Jehovah's Witness, ect. by the demonic spirit they have. I then told this man “Your Church of Christ aren't you?” He blushed and said “yes!” I replied, “Do you know how I knew that? Because Church of Christ has the spirit of the leaven of the Pharisees! And your infected with it!” He agreed that the Church of Christ has been accused of being pharisaical and I began to have some fruit talking to the gentleman.

One Catholic young man came back on several occasions to ask questions. It was clear that Holy Spirit had him under conviction. A backslidden United Pentecostal, who doesn't even attend church anymore, wanted to argue with me about the Trinity as they deny that Jesus has a Father. I showed him some scriptures like 1 Cor. 15:24-28, but he simply did not want to reason the truth and insisted that Jesus is the Father as well as the Son. He left with an agreement that he would look at my web site where I have a complete study on this issue.

As the fireworks ended, the multitude began to leave and so Michael turned on the loudspeaker and began to preach to the people the massage of salvation. A woman whom was offended by Michael's sign, had been screaming at him in a rage. This same woman, as she listened to the preaching on the loudspeaker, returned weeping as she realized that we were proclaiming the true gospel message of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord! When Michael was tired, he handed the microphone to me and I continued to preach to the multitude. Because of the fear of terrorists, the police had blocked off the bridge just prior to the fireworks. Thousands of people stood waiting for the fence to be removed so they could pass over to the other side. So for about 15 or 20 minutes, I preached to these people who could not leave and I could see some hearts being moved by the message of the gospel.

Someone hurled a cheap version of a small leatherman tool and hit me in the back of the head. I briefly hesitated but then continued to preach, knowing that the greatest counter attack against the enemy is the preaching of the Word of God. Michael said I was bleeding and his wife Maria came with some napkins to wipe the blood from my head as I preached. The gate finally opened and the flood of souls poured over the bridge. One married couple walked up and thanked us for what we were doing. The woman was weeping as the presence of the Lord fell upon her. I prayed a prayer for them and the precious child she was carrying in her womb.

When we returned to the van, we met a young couple in a car. The woman, who once worked in the ministry with the youth group in her church, had been angry with God because the youth Pastor died last year at age 42. She left the ministry and had not felt the presence of the Lord since then. She said that she had always felt the presence of God through the years and that now she had wondered if God had left her, or more correctly, that she had left God. Tonight, the floodgates opened as she wept and laughed as the joy of the Lord was refreshing her with a new rain of hope and happiness. God was still with her and her heart of anger and bitterness to the Lord, was now being melted. It was a wonderful time of ministry.

Riverbend,  Chattanooga, TN


Teenagers who freely admit to being Satanists were being irritants. One gave me a satan symbol with the two end fingers nearly poked me in the eyes like he was shoving it at me. I said “Jesus Loves you!” A man involved in witchcraft asked “Do you have any of those comic book tracts?” I said “No! I only have these tracts!” as I held out my tract. He said “I am interested in finding one of those comic tracts about witchcraft, its full of lies!” and at that he walked away with a quick pace. I believe he was referring to “Chick” tracts. One teen, at the advice of the man selling all kinds of trinkets, walked past me dropping these little “popper” bags all around me. You break the contents and the bag swells until it pops, like little firecrackers without gunpowder. My friends Donnie and Theresa returned with Priscilla, Samantha and another friend named Theresa with her 3 year old daughter to help me hand out tracts. We passed out maybe over 1,000 tracts.
Donnie, Theresa, Priscilla, Samantha, Theresa and 3 year old Destiny helped
 pass out tracts on the "Walking Bridge"!

At the end of the night, I gathered together with Michael and Ricky at the end of the bridge and when the fireworks ended, our fireworks began. Michael cranked up the loudspeaker and began to preach against sin. After about 15 minutes, a couple pointed to his sign and wanted to argue about the Seventh Day Adventists being on his sign as those who are in danger of Hell's Fire. I took them aside to talk with them as Michael was preaching and I wanted to free Michael to continue preaching. After a few minutes, Michael asked me to preach as he wanted to talk with these SDA's so I took the microphone and continued to preach. Some of these teenage Satanists had some “silly string” spray in a can and as I preached they would spray me in the face with the stuff. I continued to preach turning my head to keep it out of my eyes. The Lord blessed me and kept me safe as the Word of God was being proclaimed to the people.

A man selling perverted t-shirts near us had a microphone speaker also. As the people were leaving, he said “HALF price, t-shirts at HALF price….” But I was preaching at the same time and our preaching was drowning him out so he turned his speaker towards me and shouted “SHUT UP!” I continued to preach and every so often he would turn on me with his speaker and shout at me again!

Afterwards, I believe I won the heart of one young teen as he spoke about those who were spraying me in the face “I can't believe they were doing that to you!” We had a small group that gathered around to argue, but I believe we won them to the Lord's side as we shared the love of Christ, and the wages of sin!

Geoffrey Flahardy drove from
Atlanta to help us proclaim Christ!


The radio host of 102.3 has for 3 days now, on his 3 hour program, blasted us on the radio. He even made a joke to one woman “I wonder what these guys would do, and I hope this doesn't happen, I wonder what they would do if some atheist came over and bashed the living smack out of one of these Jesus lovin people on the corner… do you think they would press charges? Do you think they would call the police?…”    Click here to listen   (this is a .WAV file and 400kb download)

It appears from his statement, that it could be used as a suggestion to someone who is listening to the radio program. Yesterday, he made a similar comment, but the comment had to do with someone throwing a tomato at the sign! He appears to protect himself and at the same time is pleading with the audience to attack us!

He claims to be a Jew. I have heard that he goes to a Unity church, a church that teaches that every religion is "a way" to God!

John 14:6
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Acts 17:6
    And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;

Acts 14:19
    And there came thither certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium, who persuaded the people, and, having stoned Paul, drew him out of the city, supposing he had been dead.

In the evening, Michael, Ricky and I returned to the corner of Market Street and 2nd St with the crosses. At first, it seemed the people who came had been influenced by the radio program and shunned us. Several people made critical comments towards me as I smiled and said “God bless you! Jesus Loves you!” A child walked past and looking back towards the intersection and seeing us with the crosses, he said to his parents “Where is the bad Jesus?”

One drunk man had some compassion for us and as he waited for the light to change, he said “The radio has been giving you guys a bad rap hasn't it?” I said “Yes, but the gospel is being preached!”

By the end of the night, though, I had passed out more tracts than any other night this week. A brother in Christ whom I met earlier in the week, had returned to talk to me. I had informed him about the Masonic Lodge and gave him a Mason tract. He said that it was scary when he read the tract, and he was now bothered because his Sunday school teacher at church has a ring of which, he believed, had the Masonic symbol. He was now concerned as to how he should approach the man, whom he said, was a really nice guy. Although I had no salvations for the night, there were a few good conversations by which I planted the seed of faith and the knowledge of how to be saved into the hearts of those whom I talked with.

6/7 to 6/10

Michael, Richard, Ricky and I have been hitting the drunken party called Riverbend each night in Chattanooga as the people drink and listen to Lynard Skynnard, Art Garfunkle and a multitude of other well known musicians. Michael made a sign that has been very fruitful to cause people to stop and ask questions. Although not everyone who fits these categories are destined for hell, it definitely caused many to stop and to inquire about their false doctrine and learn why some of these false beliefs can cause people to perish!

Michael's sign has stirred up this drunken party!

The first night after Michael made his sign, 3 Catholic boys serving the devil, repeatedly returned to punch the sign and try to rip it off the cross. Michael was inwardly hoping the police would come, but they didn't. The second night we prayed the Lord would prevent these boys from returning, and the Lord answered our prayer.

Yesterday, a talk radio host named “Jammer” on 102.3 was offended by something that Michael had said to him at Riverbend and was making a mock plea to the listeners about raising some money to sue us.

In the past 4 nights, I have had the joy of praying with 3 people whom have made a decision to receive Christ Jesus as Lord. I have had the joy of encouraging many young Christians to take up their crosses and go to the ends of the earth and preach the gospel. I just watched the CBN show this morning and heard the story of Nat Saint, Jim Elliot and the men who were killed in the Jungles of South America as they brought the gospel to a lost and dying people. I wept as I listened again to their story and the end result of the entire tribe of people whom, after killing these missionaries, gave their hearts to Jesus. And the story of the 2 girls who went to Afghanistan to bring the gospel to the Muslims. A Muslim family let the girls pray for their sick child. Jesus miraculously healed the child, which was so fantastic, the family wanted to learn more about Jesus.  They wept as they saw the “Jesus” video and invited their entire family to come watch the video. One of the family members was a Taliban informant and that was how the 2 girls got arrested. National news told of their rescue.

Multitudes in the valley of decision, who will bring them the gospel.

Few Christians in America are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the gospel. Many are playing games with the Lord wanting to receive the blessings of God, but wince at the idea that they may have to make sacrifices for the Lord… like selling what they have, and going to the nations to proclaim the gospel.

Rev. 3:15-16
    I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. [16] So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

6-5     Wednesday

 In the evening, Richard and I went to Morris Hill Baptist Church and arrived at 7PM. We sat down as the Pastor was teaching and it ended 15 minutes later. It had started at 6:30 but we thought it was at the normal time of 7PM. During the teaching, he taught that we should not judge other ministries until we talk with them to find out what they believe and made mention of two guys who were “picketing the SDA's and the Masons” in Collegedale on Saturday.

 So after the service, I spoke to the Pastor and said “Hey brother, we were the ones who were in Collegedale on Saturday!” He gladly took one of our Mason tracts and said that he had been studying up on them and that there were not many Masons in his church. He also said that there were some Seventh Day Adventists that came in on Sunday and got saved!

Outside of the church, there were 4 men talking, one was in a truck. Ricky said “They look like masons!” So I said “Lets give them a tract!" I handed out several tracts and one of the men asked “Are you a mason?” I replied “I am exposing them!” at which he proceeded to return my tract. Another man challenged me and I began to speak boldly about the curse of their oath and as I gave the details about their initiation, he asked “Are you a mason?… How do you know these things, are you a mason?” I didn't reply but continued to expose the oath and he was getting very frustrated that I knew so much about masonry and he asked “Do you know the Master Masons handshake?” He finally got angry with me and said “Didn't you hear what the Pastor preached?” and repeated this several times as I continued to explain the scriptures that he broke in being in the Masonic Lodge. I suppose he thought the Pastors sermon about not judging another man's ministry included the idea that we should not judge the wickedness of the Masonic Lodge! Most Masons have never read 1 Cor. Chapter 5 where it says to judge those within the church and remove idolaters from the church and do not fellowship with them! Nor do they know Ephesians 5:11-12 that says to expose the unfruitful works of darkness! The fact is, Masons know very little of the Bible which they reverence on their Masonic alter, but rarely read and obey!

6/1     Saturday

Michael and I went to Collegedale, an SDA community, with his Seventh Day Adventist (SDA's) sign exposing them as a cult and E.G. White as a false prophet. I had my Mason sign. I never noticed them, but Michael was interviewed by the TV news shortly after we arrived. I had about 5 SDA's stop to talk to me throughout the day and spent some 3 hours with one young man, an SDA whom I believe that I bore fruit with and was being drawn to Jesus. Michael had a swarm of SDA's all day converge on him as they contended over E.G. White and false SDA doctrine.

At 5:30 PM, we had picked up Ricky and Christopher and went to the Rossville Masonic Lodge meeting. We hit the gold mine. With signs exposing the Lodge, about 50-100 men must have arrived there for the meeting. They called the police and 3 cop cars surrounded the place, one stationed near us and parked. Two Masons talked to Ricky, one of whom seemed to be very convicted. Ricky felt that this man was being drawn by the Lord.

5/27     Monday

Memorial Day. Michael, Ricky and I went to Ft. Oglethorpe to hold the crosses. Michael's cross had a sign saying “In memory of Jesus Christ who fought and died for your freedom!” Ricky and I had our Mason signs attached. One mason with an Alhambra Temple tag on the car, drove by me with, what I believe was the middle finger again, which I have seen many times from these men in the Shriners. They are full of curses, which is the fruit of the oaths they take. Michael had one mock him as he drove by as he said “I'm a Christian, and I'm a Mason! I will be praying for you!” as he put on the red Fez, a symbol of Islam which the Shriners wear in ignorant rebellion against the Lord Jesus Christ. Just before we left, a police officer pulled over to talk with Ricky. Ricky was in conversation with two men in a van who were not masons but were working construction at a Masonic Lodge. The man said that while they work, a Mason would stand guard the whole time. He said he thought they were afraid they would steal something. Ricky said, “No, they are protecting their secrets from you!”

Masonic officer approches Ricky as he talks with men in van.

The officer finally approached Ricky but Ricky was listening to his conversation on the radio as he was looking for a reason to arrest us but could not find any. He said to Ricky, “I cannot stop you from what you are doing, but your friends will have to move off of the medians and stand on the sidewalks.” Ricky attempted to hand him a Mason tract, which he rejected saying “I am a Mason” and walked away to his car. Another officer had pulled up and they were in conversation with each other. Michael walked up to them and asked “Which of you is a Mason?” The one officer replied “I am!” and Michael told him that if he didn't repent and get out, that he and his family would be cursed! The other officer was not a Mason.

Two girls, Sharon and Sherrie, while we were about to leave, stopped to say how much they appreciated what we were doing. Sharon's parents are going through a divorce so we prayed for her and her family.

Young disciples Christopher and Austin have been
carrying the cross around the neighborhood handing out tracts.

5/21      Tuesday   Chattanooga, TN

Michael and I walked cross on Hixon Pike and onto Hwy 153 with the Mason sign. I approached a Mr. Transmission  store where two men were talking. A girl about 7-10 was there, I assume the daughter of one of the 2 men. They were either laughing or smiling at me so I walked towards the one man with a tract. He said “I don't want to talk with you!” And repeated this twice. I said “Sir, it's a tract about Jesus!” He said again “I don't want to talk with you, get off of my property". I sensed they were Masons so I dropped to my knees and began to pray “Father God in heaven, convict these men of the curse of the oath they spoke when they swore to have their tongues ripped out by the roots,…” and as I was praying this prayer, one of the men approached me and said “I'm a Mason! I'm a Mason!” But I kept my eyes closed and continued to pray “and have their throats slit from ear to ear and be buried in the low tide of the sea” and the man walked away from me shouting with a loud voice “PRAISE SATAN!”  When I opened my eyes, they were both gone.

While taking this picture in front a Shriner sign, a Shriner drove by shooting us a middle finger and cursing us violently! Alhambra, according to Websters Encyclopedia, this was the fortress of the Moorish Kings in 13-14th century. The Moors were Muslims from N. Africa who conquered the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th Century.

Michael, Ricky with his son Christopher and I all went to the Shriner temple with our signs and crosses. Michael and I wore robes. Michael's sign said “Masonic Lodge is a Satanic Cult! Christians, get out of the Demonic Lodge!” A young woman drove by and saw Michael's sign. She yelled out, while giving him “the bird” (middle finger) saying “I'm the daughter of a Mason you M---- F--- er!”   Ricky had a sign saying “Shriners are Disciples of Satan.” The first man Ricky met said “Get out of here with that!” Ricky told him to repent and that he needed Jesus and needed to be saved. The man said that he was a Christian, but then challenged Ricky saying "Meet me over at the ball field!” so that he could fight Ricky and the Mason continued saying “I'll show you who I serve!” It's very obvious whom this man serves.

Four Shriners drove by on motorcycles one of them said “Go to HELL!” A woman who was in the Eastern Star said “Why don't you GO HOME!” Another Shriner pulled up and Ricky had a long conversation with him as the Shriner waited at the stop light, which had changed several times while they conversed. He said “What about the children? What are you doing for the children?” Ricky said “Hey man, that's just a cover-up for your wicked deeds.” Ricky revealed many of the secrets of Freemasonry and their offenses to God by the scriptures. He was under great conviction and his face showed the conviction. The man said “Your judging!” and Ricky quoted him 1 Corinthians chapter 5 where it says to judge those who claim to be brothers and purge the wicked one out of the church! The man told Ricky's son “They don't know what they are talking about!” and Christiopher, Ricky's son, said “REPENT!”

As we all stood in front of the Shriners sign to pose for a picture before leaving, another Shriner, who appeared to have come to see us for himself as I suspect he was called at home by those we saw earlier, as he drove past us, he gave us a most violent “finger” (middle finger) and screamed out curses of which we could not hear from his closed up Lincoln Continental. I was amazed today to see the many curses, vulgarity, and Satan worship that has come from the camp of Freemasonry! Which God do YOU suppose they worship?

5/15   Chattanooga, TN

I have been walking the streets of Chattanooga with the cross. Last week, Michael and I walked the heart of the city and we also went on campus at UTC to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ricky and I visited a church on Sunday evening and passed out some tracts exposing Masons. Most Pastors don't mind and I've had some ask me to preach to the church to expose Freemasons. But this Pastor was a Mason had had us run out of the church, and even threatened to call the police! Seems the whole church, which was Baptist, were Masons. What a shame, that the very denomination that took the lead in excommunicating Masons and cleansing the church of this secret society, are now so greatly infected by the same.  You can read about this at Rev. Charles Finney  I wonder what this Pastor would do, if a Muslim "fraternal brother" in Freemasonry, came and passed out Korans to the members of his church? The fraternal brotherhood of Masons, are tighter than their brotherhood with Christians. As his Brother in Christ, we were run out of his church and treated like dogs. There are many wholesome Baptist Pastors who are totally against the Freemasonry cult, but Pastors who speak out against it, are often run out of the pulpit, slandered and run out of town. Many are afraid of the Masonic Mafia!

4/20 Saturday

Michael's family and Rick's family and I drove to Pigeon Forge, TN to preach at “Rod Run” which is an antique car show with some 30,000 spectators lining up and down the street with their show cars. Expecting to camp out on a church floor, we brought sleeping bags and mattresses. But to our pleasant surprise, David Cobb, a brother in Christ who lives there, had worked out arrangements for us to stay in a mountain Chalet with 7 rooms provided by a brother in Christ from the Roaring Fork Baptist church in Gatlinburg. David Cobb has also been on the streets to preach with us at the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.
From the porch of the mountain Chalet, Rick and Shawna Nash with                                                                                                                                                        David and Sue Cobb
their son Chris, Michael and Maria with Son  Michael and Daughter Mary,
and Brian.

We walked the crosses through the crowd of spectators and car buffs passing out many hundreds and possibly over a thousand tracts to the people here. Michael had some salvations. Rick confronted some Masons, and I had a few good ministry opportunities encouraging some young couples to serve the Lord and step into their callings. It is a powerful ministry when you can meet Christians on the street who are simply warming the pew each Sunday and motivate them to “sell out” for the sake of the Gospel.

David Cobb with the sign and Rick Nash with cross

Mark 8:34-35
    And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. [35] For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.

One young man with his wife, listened for a long time as I encouraged him to step into the work of the ministry.

After enjoying a nights stay at the mountain Chalet, we visited the church who blessed us with the rooms. Mark Martin, a brother who also comes to Mardi Gras to preach with us, ministered the service and a young 7 year old boy came to the alter to receive Christ Jesus as Lord! After the service, we took the crosses out and walked through the main street of Gatlinburg, which is clearly a tourist attraction. We passed out hundreds of tracts when I met a man who was thrown out of his home by his 3rd wife. He was not Christian and I spent an hour with him ministering to him. I believe that I was able to plant a seed of faith in his heart and trust that the Lord will water that seed into a harvest one day.

We drove through the evening to return to Chattanooga!
4/1       Jonesboro, Louisiana

In this part of the country, most everyone claims to be Christian! The problem with this is that, while they have a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is ample evidence that the church has fallen asleep. The saints do not have clear picture of “who” their enemy is! In the meantime, Satan has found a way to infiltrate the ranks of the Christian church, and has entered through the medium of the Masonic Lodge. Christian men and women are deceived by the errors of Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star (the women's version of Freemasonry). So my efforts here were most directly focused at exposing the Satanic roots of Paganism of Freemasonry and to bring light upon this darkness to the people of this part of Louisiana and to the Christians of this community.  

While I have been here in Northern Louisiana the past 5 weeks, I have had some salvations walking the cross in cities between Alexandria and Monroe and a number of smaller towns in between. On Wednesday nights at the local church where I am parked, I have been teaching evangelism. I have also carried the cross with a sign attached which says “Only Jesus is Worshipful Master, Masons Repent!” distributing my Mason tracts with salvation tracts to most everyone I meet.

The other night, I went to the Masonic Lodge and stood on the median of the street with the cross and sign attached. There I preached to the Masons as they entered the Lodge proclaiming every scripture I could think of that was being broken by the rituals of Freemasonry, which is endless. They called the police and ran me off.

Brian with cross and sign exposing Masons in front of Masonic Lodge
in Jonesboro which is in background!

The next night, they had another meeting, so I again showed up with the cross and the sign attached. This time, the youth pastor from the church I am staying at arrived with the youth group. We simply worshipped the Lord and prayed from the other side of the street. We then departed for McDonalds for refreshments. When I arrived, the youth Pastor was talking to a police officer. He was the Chief of Police! He said the Masons had called him at home asking for his personal attention in getting rid of me. This officer is a God fearing man and was intrigued as I spent the next hour informing him of the dangers of Freemasonry, today's version of the Mafia. He was very interested and concerned. He knew of two men who had dealings with the Masons, one was curiously found dead after passing out videos exposing the Masons, the other, after resigning from the Lodge, was run out of the state! He now was beginning to understand the connections. We parted on good terms but he warned me that the Masons may try to put me in jail.

Testimonies of the wickedness of the Masonic Lodge are growing rapidly of which I will not give details here. My web site has sufficient evidences of the sins of the Lodge.

Today, after returning from walking the cross in Monroe, I was informed that a police officer that attends this church was sent out by the Assistant Chief of  Police to warn me to leave the Masons alone as the police department was flooded with phone calls by Freemasons asking the Police to do something with me.

I praise the Lord for this church and a Godly Pastor. He is fully with me in my work and informed the officer that I have not broken any laws of which the officer agreed! Apparently the Masons had inquired as to why this Pastor is allowing me to stay here!

This Pastor has had many “run ins” with Freemasonry in his past church's and is well informed of their wicked ways! He has been a wonderful blessing to me!

2/28     Thursday       Winfield, LA

Walked the city of Winfield without the robe but I did attach the Mason sign to my cross. Winfield is noted for being very Masonic. One young man wearing army fatigues stopped and asked me what I was doing. I shared with him about the Masons and what my sign said. He said he had witnessed a funeral by the Masons and noticed how they called a man “Worshipful Master” and thought it very strange. He said I was very bold to do what I was doing and then he left after I gave him a salvation tract and Mason tract. I prayed a prayer over him as he was already Christian. I met another young man at a gas station who took my tract on Masonry. He too was Christian. He was very interested in learning more about Masons as his friend was thinking of joining.

Another young man stopped and said that my sign was offensive. He claimed that his father was “Worshipful Master” a 32nd degree Mason. He said his grandfather had been a 33rd degree Mason. When I informed him about the cursed oath they take he was dumbfounded and speechless. I continued to inform him about the name “Jah-Bul-On” and Hiram Abiff, the Christ figure of freemasonry and the link in the Bible with Lucifer. I informed him  that the 63rd degree of Knights Templar was called “The Luciferian Degree” as told to me by a Pastor who is now a former Knights Templar Freemason. When I told him about the cursed oath they take, the very words and method, I then asked him, “What Christian would make an oath like that! Would YOU?” He said “No!”

At this point, a truck stopped and the two men inside wanted my tracts. The Young man then left without saying another word, but he had my Mason tract and salvation tract. As I continued to walk, a funeral procession of cars passed by like the one I encountered last week in Jonesboro. I stood there with my cross and sign rebuking the Masons.

I walked through the center of the town and passed by the Masonic building on the other side of the street. A young woman stepped out from her Financial store and offered me a glass of water, which I received. A young man and another woman stepped out and we all talked. They were all Christian. I exposed the Masons to them and they said that one hour earlier, there were many Masons in the street wearing their white aprons. I suspect that these Masons were part of the Funeral procession I saw earlier. They may have done a Masonic funeral.

2/21      Jonesboro, Louisiana                           Masonic Rage!

Today, I attached the sign on my cross which says “ONLY JESUS IS WORSHIPFUL MASTER, MASONS REPENT!” I PRAYED. “Lord, bless my day and anoint your servant and the cross with the sign. Bring much conviction to the masons and bring them to repentance. Give me souls!” So I began my walk through this town which has a very strong Masonic influence.

As I walked down the road, many people honked at me with a pleasant smile acknowledging their love for the Lord. I could tell which ones were Mason by the expression upon their faces. They would growl with anger as they read my sign. As I entered the heart of town and walked past the Masonic Lodge, I prayed the Lord would expose it and shut it down and set these Masons free from their bondage.

I met three city employees and asked each one of they were “born again”. One of them was not saved so I proclaimed the gospel of salvation to the man. He was in bondage to sexual sins and openly confessed so. I told him of the work of the Holy Spirit to give a man the power to turn from sin and serve the Lord. He let me pray for him although he did not himself repent and turn to Christ.

 I met a man who rejoiced to see me. He said he was at the Methodist church last year where I preached and we had a pleasant talk. He said many years ago he had entered the first level of the Masons but never returned. He gladly took my Mason tract and said he had a friend who just joined and he would give it to him.

I then met two police officers who were both brothers in Christ. I prayed for them for the Lords protection upon them and left. On another street, a man who was walking towards his truck was greatly offended by my presence and said “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” as I held out a tract. I noticed a Masonic ring on his finger and asked him “What is the name of your Worshipful Master?” He retorted “GET AWAY FROM ME!”  So I  kneeled down and began to pray for the man exposing the Masonic blasphemies while I prayed and asking that the Lord would convict this man. He was filled with rage and grabbed my cross, although my eyes were closed and I was still on my knees praying, he then slammed it to the ground. It made a loud noise but I remained on my knees and kept praying with my eyes closed. I could see his shadow as I was now expecting to receive a blow from the man. He then said he was calling the police and returned to the building he had just departed. So I lifted the cross from the ground and left.

About 30 minutes later, I was now in another part of town walking, the same man drove in front of me and parked waiting for me. He had a Mason sticker attached to the tailgate of his truck. I prayed “Oh Lord! Please deal with this mans heart!” and I avoided looking at the man. He approached me and asked me to forgive him. He said “I didn't do that back there, it wasn't me!” I said “I forgive you, and your right, it wasn't you that did that back there, it was the Masonic devil whom you invited into your life when you took your oath to become a Mason.” He was offended by my statement and tried to defend the cult. He had been a Mason for 40+ years and claims to be Christian. True Christians usually rejoice to have a conversation with me when I carry the cross. This man wanted to kill me in his rage! Now he was convicted by the Holy Spirit and needed to ask forgiveness. But he was double minded. He is serving TWO Masters!!! And he is torn between the two. I pray the Lord would allow this man to see which Master it was that took control of him when he ran from me and then responded in rage smashing the cross of Christ to the ground!

He was totally blind to the work of Satan, the antichrist spirit of freemasonry which made him offended at me from the beginning. A police officer then pulled up and the Mason now was making a run to leave. The officer said “I've had a complaint about you!” I replied, “Maybe it was from this man!” pointing to the Mason and I asked him to return. He then returned and complained about me, so I asked “Do you want to press charges?” He declined and finally left.

Further down the road, I met some Jr. High school kids who prayed with me to ask Jesus into their hearts. I then visited Charles, a man whom I prayed with to receive Christ about 2 or 3 years ago. He is walking strong with the Lord Jesus and told me that people have mentioned to him how he has changed. Thank you Lord Jesus for letting me see the fruit of my labor!

New Web Page
Please take note that I have added a web page called CJ's scripture for cars, an excellent way to preach using your automobile!

Mardi Gras 2002,  New Orleans Louisiana

2/4     Tuesday

Cookie and Deborah                                                                                                                               Deborah feeding the homeless

On Tuesday night (Feb. 4th) the week before Fat Tuesday at Mardi Gras, Cookie and Deborah drove from Lockport to prepare meals to feed the homeless and hungry at the French Quarters. The weather was very cold and rainy but they spent the whole day cooking anyway. As the weather got worse in the evening, we postponed the feeding until Thursday night. The Thursday night feeding went well and about 75 people came to eat. Cookie and Deborah have been called to feed the homeless for several years now as the Lord has been equipping them with all the needs to feed large numbers of people. Cookie had been a chef on some ships in Lockport and as he was feeding the homeless, Thursday night, I asked him how he was doing. He said “Brian, look at the tears in my eyes!” This was their first chance to actually feed the homeless. They came again and fed on Saturday and have determined to come every Tuesday night to feed the homeless here in New Orleans, a 1 hour drive from Lockport.

Other laborers had come to minister to these people and we gave out Bibles to those who would take one.

On Friday night (Feb. 8th), we went to Bourbon Street to witness and one man came to me and said “I'm addicted to cocaine, can you save me!” I said “Jesus can save you!” and after we talked, he prayed with me to receive Jesus as Lord!

SHE is NOT a SHE, but a HE!    This "drag queen"
homosexual flaunts his stuff as he walks Bourbon St.

Saturday night (Feb. 9th), Michael set up his cross with preaching signs attached to it and stood right in front of the Bourbocam, an internet camara which telecasts updates every 20 seconds live. Michael included his e-mail address on the flip messages and received e-mails from all around the world as people watched this sinful party worldwide. They interviewed partiers on the web cam as the interviewer would entice the women to lift their shirts to show their breasts on the internet, which many did so. Every night until Fat Tuesday, Michael found his place in front of the camera and preached to the world by way of his flip chart messages.

This is an actual picture from the Bourbocam web site as Michael's
sign is seen around the world. This interviewer provoks the women
 to expose their breasts to the world on the internet throughout the night.

On Sunday  we went to Bourbon Street again. I had one really good conversation with a young man who's mother became Mormon 5 years ago, he was Baptist until 9 years of age. He wanted someone who would listen to him and was grateful that I would.  I simply pointed him to Jesus and prayed with him. He thanked me when he left. Some girls were making fun of me by innocently asking if they could get a picture with me. I said yes! As the first girl asked her boyfriend to take the picture, she lifted her shirt to expose her breast. I had to look away. Another girl did the same. Finally, a third girl tried but I ignored her and wouldn't even talk to her as the first two had deceived me. She sexually played with the cross rubbing herself against it. I finally grabbed her arm and asked “Sis, why are you prostituting yourself to these men?” She angrily replied, “I'm NOT prostituting myself!” and walked away. I finally moved my cross away from the spot in order to get away from this girl and her friends.

It became very cold and we returned at midnight. Lance had arrived with his bus and was parked in the parking lot.

Lance at the Monday night worship rally in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and later ministering to a Mardi Gras partier!

2/11     Monday

Hit the streets at about 8PM for the 9 PM praise rally at Jackson Square. I had a few good conversations. One drunk tried to climb up my cross and obviously I could not hold his weight, so I grabbed him very hard and tried to force him to release the cross. He kept trying until a police officer came swiftly and lifted the man off his feet and carried him away. Several other guys were forcibly putting beads on the cross and each time I ripped the beads off. Again this officer came and ordered them to cease. I was blessed by this officer and thanked him when we left.

While I was talking to 3 men about Jesus, someone threw his large cup of beer on me. I continued to preach to the guys although soaked by the brew, beer dripping off my beard. I thought later on in the evening, “Wow, I guess we are actually getting people to pour out their beer!” I would feel better about it if they would pour out the beer in repentance, instead of anger and bitterness.

Wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who teamed up together to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world!

2/12     Tuesday

We left for the streets at about 2 PM. An accident on I-10 slowed us and we finally parked at about 3 PM. The parking attendant said he was expecting us as we have parked there several years now. They even had a special parking space reserved for us. We walked out to Jackson Square where the battle was already raging with some brothers carrying large banners. They were being attacked verbally and spiritually by “the Pope”, a yearly blasphemous man who gathers the crowd against us with signs and a loud horn. He knows the scriptures and quotes them very knowledgably with damnable heresies (2 Peter 2:1). He has the most foul mouth of any man I have ever heard. I believe that he is a reprobate, one who had once known the Lord, but has turned from the faith as spoken about in Hebrews 6:4-6 and 2 Peter 2:17-22.

"The Pope" mocker who blasphemes
 the Lord every year stands with a
 crowd whom he raised against us
and speaks wicked things on the loud horn!

So we located our crosses in the battle on the front doorsteps of the Catholic Cathedral. A homosexual came up behind me and quickly pulled a gun pointed at my face and shot it. It was totally unexpected and I flinched as the cap gun fired. To him it was fun. I thought “Wow, how quickly a life can end without a second thought!”  I met Sean, a young man aged 21 who was rejected by a local church and was hurt. The Pastor would not listen to his needs. There are many wounded people whom have been hurt by uncaring church's. His heart was sincere and we had a good talk.  I prayed with him and received him as a brother in Christ, which he really appreciated. Al Rodriguez helped me minister to the young man.

Jeremiah 23:1-4
    Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord. [2] Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. [3] And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. [4] And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord.

Michael came over to me and laughed lightly saying, “Hey brother, they made a tract with your picture on it!” He gave me the tract which was a postcard with a man wearing a devils head with a male sex organ for a nose holding a sign in front of me while I'm standing there holding the cross. It was taken last year at Mardi Gras. A little while later the photographer of the postcard came over and said “Hey I made thousands of postcards with your picture on it but I don't have any left!” I didn't let him know I had one of the postcards and said “Jesus loves you man, and He wants to come live in your heart!” We had a good conversation as I shared some of the gospel with him although he remained in rebellion against the Lord.

The Satanists came in and created a large circle and began to do their rituals as they do every year. Michael and Lance both moved into the Satanists ritual circle and began to preach. The brothers with the banners had a bull horn and one of them was preaching from it when the city police and the military police, about 8 or 10 of them arrested the guy with the bull horn as a result of a woman's complaint. They charged him with “disturbing the peace!” and took him to jail. Brother Al bailed him out later in the evening. What is truly interesting is that there is “NO peace” in Jackson Square during Mardi Gras! The noise of Satanists drums, the mockers screaming at us, the “Pope” mocker with his loud horn blasting at us in return were not considered “disturbing the peace”!? The truth is that we were “Disturbing the Devil” and his followers!

A brother in Christ is arrested for preaching the gospel!

Michael was wearing his “John the Baptist sackcloth” outfit (which are potato sacks) when someone lit it on fire. It was very flammable and the fire was rapidly burning his side. Michael was quick to put out the fire although his left arm suffered some burns.

As the evening brought in the darkness, we moved to St. Peter and Bourbon with the crosses to minister. I met several guys who began asking some questions. Of the 3 men, one of them knew his Bible very well and confessed that he was backslidden. As his friends asked me questions, which was limited to a Catholic understanding, the backslider would confirm and add to my answers. It was a good conversation and when they left I encouraged the backslider to walk a holy walk and continue to proclaim the gospel to his friends.

We finally made it to St. Peter and Bourbon and again, as the previous nights, the revelers on the balconies would occasionally missile toss the beads at us trying to hit us or the cross. Richards head was blistered at the end of the night from the beads that struck him.

Brian standing with the cross on Bourbon St.  and St. Peter Street.    

A young couple, just out of high school, took my tracts. I asked “Are you born again Christians?” and they confirmed they were. But they were partying out here and I could see they were under much conviction. As we talked, someone came over and hit my cross trying to tip it over. I kept it controlled and the attacker left. The couple got angry at what was done and I told them “That's OK! These people are angry with us because we bring them under conviction by the Holy Spirit as they know they shouldn't be in this wicked party.” As I said this I looked at the girl and her eyes were filled with tears as the Holy Spirit fell upon her. They looked at me gratefully and walked away. I do believe they went home and left this wicked party.

Cheryl hands out tracts to a partier on Bourbon St. Before she
turned to Christ, she was at Mardi Gras and was brought under
great conviction by the crosses and preaching of the gospel!

A lady with a man, was so very intoxicated or drugged, that she fell flat on her back near Michael and I, hitting her head on the street. We helped lift her and she appeared to be in very great pain but she was so drugged that she could hardly stand nor express herself and her pain. But you could see the pain in her eyes which were filled with tears of pain. The man was a backslider and wanted Michael and I to pray for her. This was foolishness! We both prayed for her but there is no repentance nor was the presence of the Spirit of the Lord manifested to this man and woman who were trampling Jesus underfoot. I suggested the man get her some medical attention.

Hebrews 10:26-29
    For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, [27] But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. [28] He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: [29] Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?

The Catholic Cathedral on Jackson Square is the very center of Satan's seat. Every occultic activity takes place on the front doorsteps as Tarrot card readers, Palm readers, psychics, Satanists, God haters, rebellious people mock the Lord's house with sin. On Ash Wednesday,  Michael stood in front of the doors of the Cathedral and rebuked the Bishop and the sinful hellbound occupants of the Cathedral. Shown above is one of many Psychics situated directly in front of the Catholic Cathedral in Jackson Square. The church doors are locked!  I have NEVER once seen a Catholic priest come to preach God's word to these lost and dying souls headed for hell on their own front doorsteps.

On Wednesday, Michael again, as each year, went to the front doorsteps of the Catholic Cathedral and rebuked the Bishop and the priests as they entered the church to put ashes upon the perishing souls as though this will make atonement for their Sodom and Gomorrah insult to Jesus until next year when this whole devilish party repeats itself again! Richard also was grieved as he walked the Wal Mart store to see the patrons of the store all with ashes upon their heads. This ritual is unbiblical and Satanic!

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you!

2/4/2002      New Orleans, LA  Super Bowl

Many drunken football fans passed us by on the way to the superdome!

Yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday, Richard, Mel Paul and I took the crosses to the Superdome in New Orleans prior to the football game. We were dropped off at about 1:30 PM and held the crosses and passed out tracts until 5:00 PM when we were picked up and returned home. Richard prayed with a Catholic man who asked Jesus into his heart and turned from his sins. I was blessed to have two drunken men, on the way to the game, stop to ask me a variety of Questions. They were both Jews and I shared how the Christians have fallen in love with their own God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I shared with them how the Christains are in favor of Israel and the Jewish people and that our faith came from the Jews. I read Rev. 12 where the word of God tells us that Satan would come after the Jews to destroy them, and the earth protects them and then Satan comes after her offspring, the Christians. "We BOTH have the same enemy!" I proclaimed to their curious ears. I read Isaiah 9:6 as they asked "Where in the Old Testament does it say that Jesus is God?" It was a good conversation and I believe that it was some good seed for a future harvest.

Two sisters in Christ rode in the slow moving traffic with banners and a loud speaker as they preached the gospel to the football fans. Others held banners and the street was filled with a viable, visable, Christian witness. Many of these brothers and sisters were also at last years Super Bowl in Tampa, FL.  

On Friday and Saturday, Richard, Mel Paul, Tim and I went to the French Quarter. The Lord blessed me with a Catholic man who repented of his sins and asked Jesus into his heart. He had no Bible so I gave him a Gideons pocket Bible. A homosexual at one intersection gave me much termoil as he stood near me making mockery and finally complained to a police officer who gave us our legal rights with the conclusion that we could not stand there with the crosses. So we walked up Burbon St. through the masses of people, and thick crowds of lusting men screaming to the women on the balconies to expose their flesh. Through the years I have trained my eyes never to look up where the men are looking. I could see the lust in their eyes and when the men turn their eyes to see me, they are struck with conviction!

Next weekend is Mardi Gras and we shall also, Lord willing, be witnessing the gospel there as well. This is my 12th year at Mardi Gras, begining in 1990 when I came here with Christ for the Nations Bible Institute.

Last week, Richard Martin and I  walked the cross along Veterans Blvd here in New Orleans. We have prayed with 5 who received Christ as Lord. Police threatened Richard with jail if he didn't get the cross off the street both days we walked Veterans. They had nothing on which they could charge him with. It was just a scare tactic by wicked men in police uniforms.

Lance has been walking the Bayou from Venice north and is now in Port Sulfer. As of last Friday, he has led 77 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ walking that rout.

Pray for us during this outreach!

1/20/2002    My beloved friend and brother in Christ, Leroy VanAntwerp died in a plane crash on Jan. 17th! Leroy, although much younger than I, was a mentor in the faith. He was working as a Youth Pastor ministering to about 1,000 youth!

Fox 7 News reports:
Three people are dead and two hospitalized after a plane crashed into a home in Temple. All the victims are from Texas.
The tail end of the charred, small plane jutted out from the house, debris scattered across the lawn at 3105 Hickory.
The plane came down around 3:30, right around the time school lets out, and being in a heavily-populated residential neighborhood, there are plenty of witnesses. They noticed the Cessna 340 just minutes before it crashed, as the pilot struggled, the plane flying extremely low to the ground.
"The back of the plane, the tail end hit right there on that pole, that's why it's bent," said witness Billy Smith. "And then it went down into them trees and into the garage, and it caught up in flames"
National Guardsman Hugh Shine's wife was at the intersection, one house away. She tracked the plane for a couple of blocks.
"She saw it going north, and then she saw it turn and circle and come around and fly into the house and explode," said Hugh Shine.
The Temple Fire Department quickly put the fire out. Medic Black Hawk helicopters from Fort Hood circled, on standby in case there are more victims. The total stands at five, all passengers on the plane. One is dead at the scene, two more died at the hospital. Two others remain at Scott & White Hospital. Local investigators did what they could until the National Transportation Safety Board arrived.

Leroy has a wife, Laura-Lee, and 2 sons. Please pray for his family!

Fitzgerald, GA.

In the past week, the Lord has blessed me with 5 salvations while walking the cities of Fitzgerald and Tifton, GA.

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