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2.     Armageddon
5.     Blood transfusions
9.     CROSS
10.   DEATH
11.   Devil, Demons
12.   EARTH
15.   HEAVEN

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22.  JESUS
25.   LIFE (eternal)
43.   Wisdom


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 22.    JESUS

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 23.     KINGDOM

The Watchtower claims to be, in itself, God's Kingdom.  The KING, Jesus, they claim, is secretly and invisibly ruling them since 1914. Needless to say, NOT a single person in the Watchtower has ever seen Jesus. So in reality, they have created THEIR OWN Kingdom, ruled by their own imaginations.

The BTD claims that God's will is to establish His Kingdom on the Earth through the Watchtower. But it is NOT the Watchtower Society. It is Jesus HIMSELF ruling every heart of every person.     Zech. Chapter 14   and   Rev. 1:6-7; 20:6

"God's will" for us 1 Thess. 4:3-8 is our "sanctification” - (Holiness) which can only be done by His HOLY Spirit (v. 8).

Ez 36:25-27 says that "God" Himself will cleanse us of all our idols,  He will give us a NEW HEART, and put a NEW SPIRIT inside us and cause us to follow His commandments. But that only happens by being "Born Again" by the Holy Spirit (the spiritual rebirth, John 1:11-13). Only then do we become pleasing to God and only then can we see and enter his Kingdom (John 3:3-7). (see also Rev 20:15; 21:27; Luke 10:20)

(see "15.   HEAVEN " to see the order of God establishing His Kingdom, not on this earth, but the NEW EARTH to come.)


In the “BTD" paradise has the inference of being on earth, in the future. But lets look at 2 Cor. 12:2-4.

Paul says he was "...caught away as such to the third heaven.” In verse 4, Paul said “14 years ago he "was (past tense) caught away into Paradise”   which was in the third heaven.

So then Paradise is Not in the future, but rather a very  present place where the thief of Luke 23:43 could have gone the very same day he died. And it is in the THIRD HEAVEN.

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 24.     LAST DAYS

“The end of the world”

The "BTD" tries to explain it away by using Matt. 24:3, but lets look at verse 35 "Heaven and earth will pass away (“parerchomai"  perish, vanish, disappear).  (see “12. earth")

Then reference is made to 2 Pet. 3:5-7 but we need to read on to verse 13 to get the truth. In verse 10 it says "...but the elements being intensely hot will be dissolved, and earth and the works in it will be discovered.

The word "discovered" is misleading- It is "Katakaio" and means "to burn up utterly, consume with fire".    Even in the “NWT" verses 6-7 says the earth will be destroyed by FIRE.

Mark 13:4 & 31 is the same as Matt. 24:3 & 35 above (For more see “12.   EARTH”)

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 25. LIFE

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Qualifications for the ministry

     The "BTD” says "God trains by spirit, organization" and references John 14:26 (which correctly speaks only of the Holy Spirit as our teacher) and 2 Cor. 3:1-3 which I suppose the Watchtower claims is speaking of the "organization".

 Please note in 2 Cor. 1:1 that it is Paul and Timothy who are writing this letter (Not the "organization”) and in Acts 18:1,4,5,8 that it was Paul and Timothy who brought the gospel to the Corinthians.

This scripture has nothing to do with the "organization". Nowhere in scripture is this "organization" ordained by God. (Neither is the Pope and the Catholic church, for they give the same argument to poses the souls of men)

1 John 2:25-27 "..this is the promise that He has promised us--Eternal Life. These things I have written you concerning those who try to deceive you. But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do NOT NEED THAT ANYONE TEACH YOU, but as the same anointing TEACHES you concerning ALL THINGS, and IS TRUE, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.”

So we are back to only ONE teacher, The Holy Spirit. HE ALONE is the sprit of TRUTH.

Jer. 17:5 & 7 "Thus says the LORD: CURSED is the man who TRUSTS In MAN .... BLESSED is the man who TRUSTS in the LORD..."

Are you trusting MAN?  Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher, and you shall be blessed.

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The “BTD” says "sinners will not rise”.

 But Jesus says otherwise:

John 5:28-29 All will hear his voice “...those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection  of judgment"

Jesus said Sinners Will be resurrected, to be judged.

Rev. 20:11-15 We see the dead standing before the "Great White Throne" of God and they are Judged. Those who do not have their names in the "Book of Life" experience a "Second Death" (v. 14) in the Lake of FIRE. (Also Rev. 21:8)

They shall be thrown into the fire with their physical, EARTHLY body:

(Mat 10:28 KJV)  "... but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

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40.   SOUL

(see  10. DEATH")


The "BTD" describes the Holy Spirit as an "It" rather than a “He"- No doubt this grieves the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:30) Even the baby Jesus, the Son of God is referred to as an "it" in the NWT (Matt 2:11). This must grieve the Father who exalted HIS Son above all else (Phil. 2:9-10)

God is a Spirit, do you call Him an "it"? The Holy Spirit is His Spirit. (John 4:24)

Acts 5:3 "..why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit..”

Acts 5:4 "..you have not lied to men but to GOD."

He lied to the Holy Spirit? Can you lie to "an active force"? Yet these two verses account the Holy Spirit and God as one and the same.

Acts 10:19 we see the Holy Spirit speaking to Peter "..the SPIRIT said: `Look! Three men are seeking you...because I have sent them.  Who sent them?         The Holy Spirit speaks and sends.

Eph. 4:30  “ and do not GRIEVE the HOLY SPIRIT of God.”   Can you grieve an "It"? To grieve is an emotion so we know that the Holy Spirit has emotions.

2 Cor. 13:14 The interlinear says "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the FELLOWSHIP of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.”  The Gr. word for "Fellowship" is "Koinonia" which the NWT renders as "Sharing In"   How can you "fellowship” with an active force.  Also note that the trinity are all present in this verse.


The Spirit of Truth (John 14:17)
Our Helper and Teacher (John 14:16, 26)
The Witness of Jesus (John 15:26)
The one who Convicts the world (John 16:7-8) Here the "NWT" (1984 edition) calls Him "He.”
      John 16:13 (Here again the “NWT" calls Him "He")
He guides us to all Truth (v.13)   He speaks to us (v.43) He Glorifies Jesus (v.14)
He will raise us from the dead if He “..dwells in YOU”. (Rom. 8:11)
He leads "Gods sons” (Rom. 8:14)
He is the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out "Abba, Father" (Rom. 8:15)
He bears witness with our spirit that we are God's children. (Rom 8:16)
He helps us when we are weak (Rom. 8:26)
He intercedes (pleads) for us (Rom. 8:27)
The "Holy Spirit is “God's Spirit" AND "Christ's Spirit" (Rom. 8:9) Here we see that the "three" are "one".

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 42.     TRINITY

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Prayer of Salvation

Please pray with me:      Father God, I know that I am a sinner. I repent!  I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and that he rose again. Jesus, I believe that you are God, the Son. I believe that through you, I can know the Father in heaven. I ask you to come and live in my heart. Be the Lord and Master of my life. Give me your Holy Spirit and give me power over sin. Protect  me from the deceitful lies of  men and of devils and lead me to all truth.. Lord Jesus, today I choose to follow you and to live my life for you! I love you Jesus! Thank you for saving me from the wrath to come, and promising me eternal life! Amen.

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