The following are newsletters of my testimonies while carrying the cross and witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Newspaper Articles

Year 2009                Fantasy Fest 09     
Year 2006 & 2007       Key West, Chattanooga, Mardi Gras
Honduras 2006             Honduras
Year 2005                      Christmas Parade, Mardi Gras '05
Year 2004      Mardi Gras, arrest in Dayton TN, Fantasy Fest
Year 2003 in review        Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest
Honduras 2003              Trip to the jungles of Honduras
Year 2002 in review       Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and exposing Masons
Ireland and England (UK)       2001 trip to UK      Photos of UK trip
Year 2001 in review       Fanasy Fest,  FL  and  Shrimp Festival, LA
Mardi Gras 2001        New Orleans, LA.
Super Bowl outreach     Tampa, Fla.
Honduras Newsletter 2000
Europe 2000          Spain, France, Italy     Photos of Europe trip
Mardi Gras 2000
12-99 Newsletter  Fantasy Fest in Key West
10-99 Newsletter   Canada
7-99 Newsletter     Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee
2-99 Newsletter      Mardi Gras
Canada 1998
Alabama 1996
Honduras 1996

The Origin of Mardi Gras      What did Mardi Gras originate from? Here are some answers