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Journal Notes 2009

Fantasy Fest 09 - Key West FL

Team of bold preachers in Key West
From Left to Right. Brian O'Connell, Michael Siemer, Joe Hupchick, MIke Awe

Once again, the Lord met our needs & provided us a place to stay in Key West as this team of 4 invaded Duvall Street with the gospel of Jesus Christ, 2 crosses, tracts & pocket Bibles. Joe played his guitar & sang worship songs as we shared the gospel. One woman grabbed Mike Awe's hand, thinking he was a reveler as he was walking down the street. He turned & said "I'm here to share the gospel of Jesus Ma'am. She immediately became humble & replied, "My Sister recently became born again. She used to be a drug addict & now she has completely changed. How do I become born again?" Mike said, "Ma'am, you can become born again right now if you will pray with me." At that, she asked Jesus into her life as Mike led her in a prayer for salvation! Later that night, as we were leaving, a man whom Michael Siemer was sharing with earlier in the day walked by & came to shake Michael's hand saying "Pray for me!" He then started to walk away & Michael said "Hey, it's not that easy, get back here!" He then prayed with Michael & surrendered his heart to Jesus.

Riverbend - Chattanooga, TN
June 6-13th, Riverbend and Bonnaroo. We preached at Riverbend throughout the week. The first night, a lesbian pulled down Michael's cross and when Michael's daughter, Mary, tried to stop her, the Lesbian beat her to the ground until the police arrested the girl. Mary suffered a bump on her head but she would not press charges. However, the police arrested the girl for resisting arrest. She beat up the officers car as they tried to get her in. 2 teenage boys surrendered their lives to Christ and another teen, who argued with me, several days later said he had been thinking much about what I had said and wanted to be bold like us one day. I encouraged him in the Lord.

The newspaper came out and interviewed my cousin Patrick, but the article was clearly biased against us and even printed some false statements that has provoked some lukewarm Christians to rebuke us in the letters to the editor. The reporter claimed we told a young man with long hair that "he was doomed to hell for his effeminate appearance". Yet, Michael himself has long hair! None of us, that I know of, has a problem with men who have long hair!

Journal notes 2008

Crystal River Parade and Inverness Parade

Teens excited about Jesus, carrying the cross in the Crystal River Parade!

Dec. 6th was the Crystal River Parade and Dec. 13th was the Inverness parade. Once again, we had over 20 crosses carried in each Parade with a live worship team on the float. The Gideons again helped and passed out over 2,500 pocket Bibles at each parade. We also had thousands of "Chick" tracts passed out to the bystanders.

Key West "Fantasy Fest" 08

In years past, we have enjoyed the sweet fellowship of resting at the Glad Tidings, an Assemblies of God church in Key West as we ministered the gospel in the city. We had great favor with the former youth Pastor who bent backwards to bless us and provide for our needs! Last year, the NEW youth pastor was offended my Michael's sign (see sign) and his gospel tract that says "hellsfire is waiting for you". Inside the tract it says that you must be born again and lists the 10 commandments and sins of 1 Cor. 6:9-10 following the lines of Ray Comfort ministries who exposes sin to reveal the need for a savior. Although we have used the sign and tracts for nearly 15 years in Key West, the new youth pastor told us that we could no longer stay at the church. I was greatly saddened and had purposed to drive the 10 hour return trip home after we preached that Friday night. The Lord provided for us and another brother who traveled from Montana to preach, opened his hotel room for us to sleep on the floor! (Every room is filled and priced at top dollar for this party)! So we preached Saturday as well! Thank you Jesus!

The Pastor of Glad Tidings has been pressured by the Homosexual crowd (they threaten his life and church) and this year, he again refused us the open door to camp on his church floor, so we teemed up with brother Roy from Montana again, and rented a trailer about 30 minutes drive from Key West! Michael Siemer couldn't make it, but a team of 6 of us met together and hit Duval Street with the gospel. On Saturday night, one of the revilers punched Roy in the jaw and knocked him to the ground. The reviler quickly disappeared in the crowd!

Mike Awe, Roy Lowry, Walter Wagner, Joe Hupchick, Dan Taylor and Brian O'Connell

Mike and Joe!

Dan Taylor

Walter Wagner

A Key West reviler and prisoner of sin! Only Jesus can set him Free!

One of our Iraq military men who wished he could hold the cross, so we let him!

Baptism of Sanctuary Residents

On October 5th of 2008, we had 4 residents of the Sanctuary mission baptized. After we completed the Baptism, we asked if anyone else wanted to be baptized, and a young girl about 14-16 years old, ran into the water, confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and was baptized.

Bonnarro and Riverbend '08

At Bonnaroo, Jennifer holds the sign she made on Rom 3:23 & 5:12! It was very effective to draw in questions from others!

William Taylor joined Michael Siemer, Ricky and I for Riverbend in Chattanooga. Riverbend is a week long drunken party with a host of musicians including ZZ Tops. About 70 miles to the northwest, some 70,000 hippies meet at Bonnaroo on some farmland with their own rock groups in a pothead and drug infested gathering much like "Woodstock" of the 70's. My cousin, Patrick and his daughter Jennifer joined us for the last 2 days of Riverbend and our Saturday trip to Bonnaroo. On our first night at Riverbend, William was sharing the gospel with a young man who knew he needed to be saved. He told William that he wanted to surrender his life to Christ and we gathered around him as he spoke to Jesus and asked the Lord to forgive him and to be the Lord of his life. He later wrote us a letter telling us how the Lord had changed his life. William gives the testimony and some photos at .

Ben and Jennifer share the gospel with Bonnaroo revilers.                                               Patrick irritated this reviler so he made up his own sign in protest!

Bonnaroo revilers!

Honduras April 2008

4-23-08  Last Thursday, I returned from a 2 week trip to Honduras. You can see my Photo Album. There are some very beautiful photos of the village of Kurpa where we spent one week helping Frank build his new home.

Frank Monterroso has moved his operation to another part of the Jungle of the Miskito Coast where he is building a house among the Tawaka Indians along the Patuka River. These people have not been reached with the Gospel message. Our mission was to help Frank with the construction of his humble abode in this village so that he can bring his wife and daughters to live there and fully establish his base of operation as he works on putting in water systems in these villages so the people could have pure, clean, drinkable water.

Mardi Gras 2008

Joe Hupchick, Walter Wagner and I drove out to New Orleans to meet up with other brothers in Christ to preach on the streets.

Christmas Parade '07

In December, we had 20 + crossbearers carying crosses in the Crystal River and Inverness Christmas Parades. Also, the Gideans worked with us and passed out some 2,000 pocket Bibles in each Parade. We also had many thousands of Chick Gospel tracts passed out. Rick Davis and his worship team performed life worship from the float during each Parade.

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