JW Subliminal Images p5

Isaiah book pg. 219 & pg. 63

The same image reversed makes two similar faces!

Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 219 upside down outside.
The image is right in the middle. You can clearly see the face of Satan with what appears to be a crown on his head. In the middle of his face is a black image that has eyes and possibly horns above the eyes. Also, if you disregard the image of Satan's face you'll see the sleeves of the woman's blouse make the horns of Molech the bull who's pouty face is looking right at you with his own set of eyes. At the very top of the picture you can see another figure with eyes peering at you from between her elbows from the darkness. There are a total of 5 sets of eyes and pictures between the woman alone. Also, I'm not positive but I think there is another image near the man under the umbrella. If you turn this picture upside down you'll see a huge dark image that appears to have eyes made from the fringes on the umbrella. If you zoom in and out of the picture it's easier to see the elaborate detail of the images, how they've been embedded in the artwork and there are just so many of them embedded within each other.  

Is it from Space? or is it a cat!


Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 219 upside down.
This picture is amazing. Please notice the top of the page where the rafter beams have made 2 very large horns that sit above an image face. I couldn't tell exactly what the face was. Molech the bull is below that face in all black. I don't see any eyes but he does have ears, horns and his full face. There could be more images, you may find more on your own. I just didn't have time to keep perusing these. I got to the point that if it didn't jump out at me I quit looking. It was just too much to keep doing given I had so much of their material and I was finding this in all of it.


Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 63 complete picture front.
This image was not turned upside down. As you can see there is an evil dark image on the ground. There appears to be some ghostly figure in the clouds. If you turn it upside down you can see that there is a rams head with horns also in the clouds. It's easiest to spot by looking for the eyes in the darkness of the clouds. Back behind the dark image on the ground there is also another image of satan or a demon or something with horns that seem to point downward. There is another image below the dark `masked' imaged and to the bottom of the page that appears to be similar to the one above the dark `masked' image. There are pictures within pictures and faces within faces in some of these images and it's really hard to find them all. After a while you get tired of doing it anyway and feel `dirty' from their contamination of your mind!

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