JW Subliminal Images p4

Isaiah book pg. 127 & Isaiah book pg. 186

Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 127 really evil.
Now this one is one of the ones I dislike the most. They've used the whole scene to create these images. Starting at the top of the picture in the white clouds with blue sky underneath you'll see a demon head with horns. It could possibly be a bull but to me it's more of a demon head. Below that the whole mountainside is a rams head with very long horns that go from side to side of the picture. Below that the crowd near the short in the exact middle of the picture create another image of Molech, the tree shadows behind the crowd make his horns. Also, speaking of trees, if you turn this picture upside down the people in the back make the eyes of the rams head with the trees shadows creating the horns. Look closely in the water at the shores edge. There is an image with horns in there too. You can see it's eyes very clearly and the water breaking from the shore is it's horns. Notice too that Jesus' finger appears to be pointing either to the image in the mountain or the image in the sky. I do not think it's pointing to the crowd. It's too far up. There is also a secondary image in Molech's bull face created by the people. It's down low near the ground but it's unmistakably in there.


Picture labeled Isaiah book pg. 186 upside down.
This picture probably has more than one image but the one that stood out immediately to me is at the top. It's Molech again. He's in the dirt between the green bushes. His horns, eyes and nose are very plain. Zooming into the picture really shows it very clearly.

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