JW Subliminal Images p3

The Knowledge book pg. 35

The Small image brings out the deathly faces! (Stand back and look at this photo)

Picture labeled `evil faces'.
This picture is from the Knowledge book pg. 35. There are so many images in here I don't even know where to begin. First off the red and white cloak Jesus is wearing, at the sleeves, forms what looks like a satanic or evil image. If you pull back from the picture the children and people on the far left and right form evil faces. Where Jesus' heads meet there is a demon below his black hair that appears to be staring out from the `leaves' There is a second and larger face below that and both have tendrils coming from their heads. If you notice the people standing around you'll see one that has his back turned to the whole group and he's obviously looking at whatever is in the picture.

Picture labeled praising hands.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. As you can clearly see between the 2 heads of Jesus there is an evil image. Between the wrists of the praising hands you can see the ever present face of the Molech and at the very top of the page you can see eyes from some upside down image. It's a little blurry due to magnification of the picture but I have a better one I will include.



Picture labeled sneering face.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. It looks like the cloak is making an facial image and that it has it's tongue stuck out. In the darkness below that is definitely an evil faced image and if you turn it upside down it almost looks like a black cloaked figure and a ghoul face.



Picture labeled ram has a crown.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. There are so, so many in here! Start at the very top of the picture. There is a face within a face within a face. There appears to be 3 distinct faces at the top of the page. It also looks like some sort of Genii or possibly a bull headed figure holding the head of Christ in its lap (wearing a crown). The whole seated figure, which could be a human with a Bulls' head, is made to stand out by deliberately using shadow and highlight/lighting. You can see also that the crippled man, standing below this Bull headed figure is designed to represent the Ram using the mans arms and shoulders to form the horns and the front of the face and the lower body section. There is a ram or goat figure and he's also wearing a crown too. This picture is phenomenal. I was completely shocked to see just how many images are in this little picture.

Picture labeled other subliminals.
This comes from the Knowledge book pg. 35. Even when you turn the picture right side up starting at the very top of the page in the middle there begins the images. There is some sort of dark image near the top, under that is another image of what appears to be a ram with horns or it could be a bull with horns, there is obviously a face between the 2 heads of Jesus where the hands are reaching up to it, the image with eyes below his cloak sleeves, the lion's head, the other evil image and the totem pole. Please notice too the old lady in the very back of the picture who's looking away into the tree which both form the horns of the two horned beast.


Picture labeled `head of Christ enhanced.'
This picture is from the Knowledge book pg. 35. It's a close up image of what appears to be a lion's head.

Notice the rams head between the boys. The horns over each head and the eyes are at their shoulders

Picture labeled `another detailed pic with reverse'.
I found several images and there could be more. There's what appears to be a bull or a
pig head at the top of this `bush'. I'm not positive which it is because it looks like a snout but there also appears to be horns coming from the top of it's head. Below that is an image of what appears to be a man with some sort of upside down animal on his head. Built into that image is a large bull with horns. There appears to be something near the bottom of the bush, it has eyes. The `rocks' on either side of the `bush' appear to be rams heads/bodies facing in to each other.  This picture was from the Knowledge book pg. 35.

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