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I received a letter from a Jehovah's Witness testifying of the fearful images she began seeing in the J.W. literature. At the bottom of the page, you will find links to various web sites that show these images.

See JW Subliminal Images found by Elizabeth

I've been associating with the Jehovah's Witnesses for about 15 - 17 years.  Their material is all I had in my home too.
I believed them when they said they were 'the one true religion' not just because that's what they teach but also because prior to meeting them and studying with them I had been through nearly every religion.

Over the course of the 15 year association with the Witnesses they 'weaned' me off my King James version of the Bible and got me used to reading from theirs. After showing me quite a few passages that seemed to be the same to me as the KJV I didn't ever go back to the KJV or question the translation. They assured me it was the most accurate and up-to-date version of the Bible in print. I believed that was true. From my research it seemed to be accurate.

As time progressed I accepted the Watchtower, Awake and all their various books and materials and looking back we were studying mostly those, not the Bible, even though at times we would look up passages that their books made reference too. And it was always called a Bible study when they came to my home but it was really a 'book' study, now that I look back on it.

I have only stopped studying with them in the last 3 weeks. Here is the crux of my story. I was in here at my desk studying along like a 'good Witness' should, when something in their material caught my eye. I'd never seen it before, it was just too much detail in a picture where a rock was. I took the page out of the book, scanned it into my pc, made a reverse (or mirror) image of the picture, put it beside the original to make a 'complete' picture but didn't see anything (see Link) . My husband was with me watching what I was doing (he never accepted their teaching and kept warning me that there was something wrong with them but I didn't believe him) and he said that there was a rams head in the picture I had put together, then he said there was a devil, a fallen angel, a demon on a throne with a lion's head in his lap and I promise you, assure you, and he even knows it's the truth that he spent 4 hours to convince me those were in the pictures. I still wasn't seeing it.

Notice the rams head between the boys. The horns over each head and the eyes are at their shoulders

So I decided to do something we were told never to do, it is an act of apostasy according to the JW's, but I went online and did a search for JW subliminal pictures. I found the exact picture I'd taken out of my book on another site with comments about these pictures being in other books. It took a little more time to finally see that what they were showing was in fact true. It's like my eyes were veiled before and I could not see that these were in their literature. The I became somewhat obsessed with it. Was actually yelling at one point asking 'why' these were in there if they were God's organization on earth. I unbound more and more books and just kept finding them. Now that my eyes were open I could find them without even scanning them and making a complete picture of my own. I was shocked, devastated, appalled, I felt like they'd taken 'God' from me, my 'religion' from me, my 'relationship' with the Lord from me, like someone had died.  I was literally broken and crushed and felt like I was in extreme spiritual danger. I spent 3 days at my desk without sleeping trying to put all the pictures together from their books that I could, thinking that by seeing each and every one of the times I'd been fooled or deceived I could somehow 'come out' of this unreality that I was in. I had to stop that after the 3 days though because I guess I finally came to my senses enough to say, it doesn't matter, the point is they are in there and I see them now. I don't have to go through every book or magazine to prove they are in all of them.

After finding these things I sent an IM to a friend who works with me. Her husband is a Pentecostal minister and she helps him a lot. SHE said that when I told her a year ago that I was a JW that her, her husband, their whole church and their prayer groups had all started praying each time they met that God would open my eyes to what the JW really were. IT HAD BEEN ALMOST A YEAR TO THE DAY THAT THEY'D STARTED PRAYING WHEN I SAW THE FIRST PICTURE FOR WHAT IT WAS AND FREAKED OUT. They told me to immediately throw away all the materials and Bible's I had from the JW's.

So I did a little more internet research even though I felt guilty about doing it because I know it's frowned upon, discouraged, called being an apostate of the church.......and this time what I found out and saw stuck and I was even more enthralled by what I was learning and that's when I came upon your site and read your piece about How Reliable is the Kingdom Interlinear Bible Translation. I'd never heard that expression before. Only the New World Translation.

So, it's a new day and I decided to be even more brazen and after much thought I went to a Christian bookstore, cried on the lady that was there, told her some of what I was going through and bought all new material. Bible's, a Commentary, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, a book of Biblical lands maps, and a whole bunch of other stuff to replace what I'd thrown out from the JW's. (I felt lost without the material because I am used to studying 6 hours a day, every single day.)

I studied the new material and took your piece about 'How Reliable is the Kingdom Interlinear Bible Translation' and opened up the JW Bible, my new Greek/English NT Interlinear Bible, my new Hebrew/English OT Interlinear Bible, my new KJV/NLT parallel Bible, and my new Archaeological Bible and compared all passages with what you quote and explain in your 'How Reliable is the Kingdom Interlinear Bible Translation' piece. And I have to say I'm terrified, horrified, and so completely ashamed of myself for ever accepting their teachings that the Christ was NOT the Word (or God) in the flesh. That for all these years I've believed he was the Son of God but never that he was him in the flesh. The part you talk about concerning the changes they made with phrases concerning 'I AM' has blown me away. It has also brought back to my mind some of the teachings I knew when I was younger. I can't believe that I never noticed that before but given the fact we study so much concerning the 'end times' and reading their material it's probably no wonder I forgot about that and didn't realize it was different. I was brainwashed or something, I don't know, but I am very, very concerned about it and now I don't know what to do.

I have contacted my JW friend/study partner and told her that because those pictures are in there I can no longer meet or study with her and that I won't be coming back to the Kingdom Hall again. I HAVE thrown away all of their materials except for the 2 Bible's I have from them and I may throw them away at some point in the near future because now that I've made comparisons with the new material I don't think there's really any point in keeping them because they are full of lies, mis-translations and deception and I'm nearly AFRAID to have them here!

These should all be from the Knowledge book. I have others from other books but after finding quite a few and saving them on the pc I quit doing it and threw out all their material. It was just too much for me, I can't handle this kind of thing. Scary, evil stuff just freaks me out and gives me nightmares. I can hardly stand any of the ones I'm sending you but I think I might have worse I just don't want to dig to much for them, it's night time and I don't want bad dreams. I dreamed about that stupid 'demon head' one for days and can't look at it now, it's really a rams head I think but there's something about the eyes that really are horrifying in your dreams.

The following Link shows the Images found by Elizabeth - JW Subliminal Images

Page 2         Introduction and Images from the Knowledge Book pg 35
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Page 4         Isaiah book pgs 127 & 186                     
Page 5         Isaiah book pgs 219 & 63
Page 6         Isaiah book pg 290

Here are other links and you could probably find some doing a search on Yahoo or Google for Jehovah's Witness subliminal:

If you have questions or are looking for answers, you can e-mail the author of the above testimony, Elizabeth Maracin!
Read Elizabeth's letter she wrote to her JW friend at Elizabeth Maracin former JW.