Masonic Inner Fraternity

Masonic Mission - Destroy the Christian Church
On another page, I cover the book "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike! The book is addressed to an "Esoteric" or "inner group" within the ranks of the Masonic Lodge!
 ďMorals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Prepared for the Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States and Published by its AuthorityÖ Esoteric Book, For Scottish Rite use Only; to be returned upon death withdrawal or death of Recipient Copyright 1950. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1871, by Albert Pike, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington".

The word ďesotericĒ is defined as hidden secrets that are intended for or understood by only a few chosen people as an inner group of disciples or initiates.

I received an e-mail from one of those who are part of the "Inner (esoteric) Fraternity" of the Masonic Lodge as he explains the hidden motive of the Lodge, which is to destroy Christian church's by infecting them with false doctrine! I think you will find the letter to follow, very informative!
Dear webpage author,

In 1996 I joined a holy ghost ministry I'm not talking a Benny Hinn TV ministry rather one where I knew I was saved and this world wide ministry was inline with the word not perfect because we both know none exist but one with sound doctrine, soon after I became a worship leader and grew, now my past was that of a holy ghost ministry as well my family was full blown saved to the bone, and god granted me my sister and mother a gift of great discernment in which the devices of the devil were open to our eyes more than most I would have to say on some measure and further in time the true spirit of the anti-christís plan I watched through my generation of youth that existed in the 1980's to the present time take form I saw the trends of vanity form there way into the hearts of all mankind including myself all of which fell perfectly into place with 2nd Timothy and other biblical descriptions of the last days and YES these are the last days and the systems of the Anti-Christ are well in place and being implicated still to this day I know this BECAUSE I now serve the modern messiah and fell from salvation when losing my family in 2003 I turned all gifts of communication, influence and DISCERNMENT over to my fraternity The Grand Lodge of XXX and the god they worship and since have been elevated to the rank of the 32 degree under the authority of the Supreme Council 33' degree grand inspectors, with my knowledge and familiar to the language of the Pentecostal evangelical movement penetrated many ministries not just any but those I am instructed to visit and destroy through clever means So I say to you what makes you think you can stop me or your god NEVER because we now have the legal right to do our duty which is in prophecy in revelation.



Hello xxxx,

I'm not sure I understand you clearly. If I am correct, you were once walking with Jesus. When you lost your family, you chose to leave Christ and join the Lodge? And now you are fulfilling prophecy by serving the powers of darkness?

I may be totally wrong in what I have gleaned from your letter. If I am wrong, please forgive me, I am not, in any way wishing to offend you.

If What I understand is true, what is it that you wish to talk about?

In Christ Jesus our Lord,


To: Brian O'Connell

I had emailed you to deliver my testimony and I must say to my surprise you chose to email me back with an offer to talk to me I have read your testimony in all fairness, and I must say, and no I did not just glean at it but read it in depth and yes it had power in it, I will have to admit, to my knowledge of the word "what fellowship can light have with darkness?"(though this is no assumption of fellowship) Now to most of the so-called Christians that I hear say this to me

I can only say inside myself, the ant-christ has selectively blinded either of which I also know the scripture also clearly states them or for lesser words they're ignorant to the word, is the other part, to what Jesus said and that he came to heal the sick and not the healthy, obviously you have a higher discernment of what Jesus came to do and I commend you for that, back to the purpose for this reply email, perhaps you can enlighten me, How can someone who has tasted the truth come back to the light and I'm not asking this to create a challenge of doctrine or words rather just your point of view seeing that you have the Lord speaking to you and I'm certain you do. Please allow me to better help you answer this question by elaborating a little further of my status. As I stated earlier I am a Freemason and how I found them is easy I knew that the devil was preparing the earth for his upcoming reign via proxy the anti christ and I knew he would not use alone the mainstream beliefs that people hold about the devil of men in black robes pentagrams etc.. Rather I knew from scripture he was cunning and long term strategic I researched them till I found the Lodge and knew thatís where we were when first joining I knew full well ahead of time about the inner and outer fraternity playing my cards right I acted the part out to get in and there after sought out the force of Satanís might through the guise of Masonic light by the means of meeting those who I had discernment on when I found them I was brought deeply in, to make it short I was tattooed with my Masonic registration number indoctrinated with a RFID chip in my right wrist (surgically implanted) and sworn an oath I always feared god and still to this day must implicate some of his laws in my life, we look like everyone else no black robes no stereotype here many of us head up ministries that serve 99.9 percent truth which of course is still 100 percent lies but the sheep know it not, willfully I identify all the false religions as being false that you do and know they'll all burn in hell and even in my own lodge I pretend to not see it in the outer fraternity eyes but I know all well and seek to do much evil and subtle deception after all thatís all it takes I am a successful xx engineer thanks to my Masonic company and to all around me I shine but to those who would test the spirit such as yourself they would and have seen me PRIDE now cometh before not a fall but rather a risen brother in the craft, so what words would you offer me to save my soul again, I wont repent, never. and I know what awaits me I know we lose in the end but my calling is to serve revelation from this side not yours.


Hello xxxx,
Thank you for your reply. I am so glad you wrote me! I am trying to understand your reasoning and, if you feel I understand you incorrectly, please let me know! First of all, if I am correct, you got angry at God when you lost your family in 2003. I don't know if they died or left you. I have met many people who get mad at God when a loved one dies, as though God stole them. It may be of some comfort to know that the word of God tells us that it is the devil who steals and kills, not God:

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Hebrews 2:14
Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

1 Cor. 15:26
The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

If I have misunderstood what happened with your family, you may correct me and we will go from there! However, if I am correct here, then I will continue with my assumptions of what continues!

As a result of your anger against God, you chose willingly to turn to the Lodge because you knew that it was contrary to the will of God, as an act of revenge against God! Out of your anger, you gave the Lodge everything you have! The end result, is that you have received some kind of "chip"! I'm not aware of the Lodge giving "implanted chips" to their members. You are the first I've heard this from! I assume, that being the case, that you feel that you have taken the "Mark of the Beast" and that you are now permanently lost forever! Once again, if I am wrong, please correct me as I am trying to understand your thoughts with the little that you have written!

However, with what I have gathered from your letters, there is a part of you that is crying out to Jesus, wanting to come back to the Lord. Brother xxxx, I might first encourage you to know that, Jesus still loves you and is willing to receive you back into his loving arms.

James 5:19-20
Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; [20] Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.
All you need is that mustard seed faith to trust Jesus and call out to him to help you!

You mention that you will never repent! You may have spoken those words out of anger towards God! Children get angry and say their parents "I HATE YOU!" But those words are only a result of their temporary fit of rage! Later, they are being held in the loving arms of their parent and appreciating the fact that their loved one understood that they were really saying "I NEED YOUR LOVE NOW MORE THAN EVER!"

While Satan may have convinced you that you have committed the "unforgivable sin", it is clear from your letters that the Holy Spirit is still dealing with your heart! Those who "cannot" return to Christ, are those of whom the Lord has completely withdrawn His spirit and there is NO more conviction. You obviously do not fit that category, as you are still very much under conviction by the Spirit of God!

xxxx, God has not rejected you, nor has he left you to perish! He is not your enemy, and He has NOT considered you to be His enemy! Satan is a deceiver and has deceived the whole world! God knows that and Jesus came to expose his deceptive methods! You CAN turn your life around and surrender to God, your little chip can be surgically removed and your oath can be broken! You still have a choice! God has NOT predestined you to perish, nor has He predestined that you would play any role in helping the anti-Christ in the last days!
The fact is, that God HAS a plan for you to become a valuable jewel for His kingdom, and has a part for YOU to fulfill in destroying the works of darkness!

Please let me know if I am on target at this point or if I am misunderstanding you at some point!

Your friend in Christ Jesus,


Re: Masonic light
To: Brian O'Connell,

Thank you for insightful as a well scriptural filled backing to your answer to my question, I think I will give you a better clarity to my previous email text content in this email, but first allow me to respond to your reply email and I'll start by saying I've tested your spirit by what means are available to me and that being reading your webpages and it is apparent you have the discernment for many false teachings that are out there including the one's imbedded in many churches such as "Once saved, always saved" etc.. They are very vile religious bias spirits, I remember when I was in ministry seeing the same things you described in your commentary myself, and I must say as you already know your in a high calling to win souls and there certainly is a good fight to fight thus I accredit you from a personal stand point as a threat to our Kingdom.

Now for better clarity on some things you were unclear about due to my lack of better explanation; yes my family consisting of a wife and 3 children 2 sons and a daughter did tragically die in May of 2003 and yes I did blame god at first which ultimately took me on the left hand path via my choice, however have long since realized almost immediately that God did not take them I knew scripture and I knew it wasn't him he loved them and they were saved I lead them all to Christ myself and they're spirits bore testimony of the love of Jesus that was in them all, my daughter accepted Christ when she was 6 she died when she was nine and my other sons were 2 and 3 so I know they made it also. I did my time unlike them I am the one that chose my path and the one who couldnít last when the light was pulled from me and I did cry out; oh god the anger was changing me, by the time he answered me it was something I could not hear, I've failed but they made it.

Now for the clarity on my RFID chip most lodges donít have it yet and on the blue lodge level it is unheard of in the outer fraternal holds, I am not convinced it is the mark of the beast at all though I donít make that known, a form of control at best, but it is in my opinion it desensitizes us to the coming of the modern messiah and the enslaving measures his majesty will undertake through his systems of control I am allied to the Supreme Council with a designation and a ranking officer (inner fraternity) I can only assume thatís why I was given the choice to take it among other reasons I stated.

Brian I donít know why I am talking with you on this forbidden subject but I really doubt it will lead to salvation I am a servant of Lucifer and you serve the most high.

I cant even remember the peace I once knew and I can feel no love within me when I say this I really mean it, it's not just an feeble attempt to sound rebellious there's just no fleshy heart left my spirit does not guide me rather my flesh follows another truth which is a lie but none the less I must obey and follow the rules and new law of love.
And please donít pray for me I really donít want you to REALLY so DONT! It only complicates me when people do so donít hurt me by doing so.



Hello Xxxx,
Thank you for filling me in! I am so very sorry to hear about your precious family and my compassion goes out to you. Brother, I have never been married, nor had children, but that has been my hearts desire and cry all my life! I cannot even imagine the pain and sorrow of losing your family, but I don't think there is any greater loss than what you have had! My heart goes out to you!

I am reminded of how Job, when he lost his beloved children, and all his possessions, heard the words "Curse God and die!" When the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, he plants those words in our minds "Just curse God and die!"

Xxxx, I can only say that, with the Lord, there is the hope of one day, being reunited with the ones whom you love so very dearly as written in 1 Thess. 4. I'm sure you know this and I wonder why you are willing to lose this hope and also wonder why you are willing to suffer eternal torment, which you know, is the end result? It doesn't make sense to me! This life is too short, and eternity too long, to make the wrong decisions! Why do you feel you must continue to work as an enemy of God?

You are right, Xxxx, I teach against the "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrine and have a web page that covers this issue. If you will read my page, I explain how losing ones salvation is a dying process! A campfire that is blazing and crackling is obviously on fire and everyone can see it! As it goes out, it becomes red-hot coals, which may be hidden under gray ash, but the intense heat reveals that it is still burning. The next morning, there is no flame, no heat! By all manifestations, it appears that it has completely gone out! But as long as there is just a small, burning ember remaining hidden behind the gray ash, you can stack up some kindling wood and pine needles, blow on the embers, and after some effort, the fire is blazing again!

My dear friend, your fire has gone out! Your hot coals have gone out! But I believe there is still a small burning ember remaining and that is why you are writing me! Xxxx, you may feel like you've gone too far! You may no longer feel the warmth of the presence of God! ALL manifestations of salvation have disappeared! But if you have enough faith, just an ember, to call out to Jesus for help, that is all you need! All you need is that mustard seed of faith!

You asked me not to pray for you! xxxx, your smarter than that! You know that is not possible with a man of God even as you once were! You know that the whole time that I am writing you this letter, I am talking to my Father in heaven and asking Him what I should say, what I could do for you! "Pray without ceasing" writes Paul the Apostle! So your request is not possible because I love you in the love of our Lord and it is He who is leading me to write down these words! God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance writes Peter and you are one of those of whom God is not willing should perish!

Don't you know that your beloved wife and children are with the Lord right now, rooting for you to return to the same Jesus you introduced them to, and that God desires that you should see them again and that they should be in your loving arms once again! How could you let this hope slip through your fingers like water and fade away into eternity, xxxx! How could you say to your beloved family, "Good-Bye forever!" As one who has always desired to have a wife and children, I cannot fathom your line of thought!

There is still hope, the last page has not yet been written! It is not over yet, my friend, and my prayer, like it or not, is that you will one day be holding your beloved wife and 3 children again, with tears of joy!

In Christ Jesus our Lord who loved us and died for us,


Subject: Re: Masonic light
Brian O' Connell

Thank you for your email and your description of a ember, that very word was the name of my daughter 'Emberí I always miss her and see her in my dreams with her brothers playing so peacefully the bible says love covers a multitude of sins perhaps this applies or perhaps not, who is to say I donít know anymore.

Brian I am always sad and I know not any peace that our god ("god" meaning creator) brings, I am heavy laden and rest I never know, my burdens are strong and charge me with completing many tasks that are less then godly, my horrors, all of them are rooted in judgment I fear that the work I've done will call for it soon if not in the next minute, god never promised us a tomorrow why am I scared to death? And petrified with fear? I guess because of judgment. The others with doubts I have tried confiding in feel the same but apparently all accept there fate of eternal damnation as I've noticed only those who realize this are in our Masonic ranks, such brothers I have met are US senators, Judges, Police Officers etc.. and all other forms of Government, oh god yes it's true we are everywhere if it werenít so I would not claim it and this would not even be a subject I swear it, and I'm afraid I am one of them, there is no out I'm in way to deep.

Currently I await installation into a Christian based ministry and I have a multi year designation there within, I'm afraid because it will be the postmark of my Masonic career, based on how well I do, but none the less I fear the wrath of god for betraying so many souls, but I will do it with my instruction and training I feel I will prevail, it has been a proven tactic many times and many souls over, all we care about is souls just as you do, in code, there is nothing more valuable then that which is eternal, and souls will be that very thing, the only thing we can steal from gods eternity

xxxx AASR

At this point, although I wrote him several times, the Mason discontinued his corrospondance with me!