Honduras 05

Frank and Tami Monterroso and their children Katie, Megan, Rebecca and Grace

6-7-05 to 7-5-05   Our flight to Honduras had only minor complications as we arrived in San Pedro Sula, but other than a 4 hour delay from our scheduled connecting flight to LaCeiba, we were OK! The miracle was that ALL of our luggage arrived with us, a very rare event! The following day, we took an early flight on a smaller plane to the village Brus Laguna, then took a “collectivo” which is like a boat taxi, to Belin, where Frank and Tami Monterroso live!

The team at Miami International : Mike Awe, Bob & daughter Chelsea Spalding, Kristen Painter, Patience Lloyd-Jones, Brian O'Connell, David Baker and Stephanie Vincelli. The 2nd photo is the connecting flight from San Pedro Sula to LaCeiba!

The following day, Thursday, we traveled to Rio Platino where Frank is installing a water system for the village! While we worked on the PVC pipes for the water system throughout the day, the girls passed out tracts and ministered to the children who gathered around them in large masses!

Katie shares Jesus with the children and the water project in the second photo!

Friday, we split up the group, some working on the water system in Rio Platano, others worked here at the mission on various projects! The following day, we took a boat ride up the river, stopping at the homes of the people who live along the river, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray with the people! We left them with gospel tracts, bibles and toys!

Bob laughs as we slip and slide in the mud getting out of the boat! Photo of houses in a village!

Sunday, we traveled to the village of Kuri for the church service.

Monday, about 15 pastors gather each Monday and Tuesday at the Mission for educational instruction on doctrine and counsel as well as evangelism instruction. I started a study covering the Deity of Christ which can be found on my web site Jesus  
The study is to prepare the church against the heresies of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons who are already invading Honduras, stealing souls from the Lord!

    But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

Tuesday, the group took a truck to Pinales, were we started walking back to Belin on a day long trip of visiting homes, passing out tracts, Bibles and praying with the residents. There were many sick people who needed prayer. One of our group members, Stephanie, is a nurse and she gave medicine and counsel to the sick we visited.

Stephanie, Patience, Kathy and Rebecca give out worm medicine. Mosquitio children eager to get their photo taken.

Another group, Dennis, his wife Janie, and two new missionaries to Honduras, Kathy and Joey, arrived from Mississippi and were driven out to Ibans to meet us and help us visit homes on the trip back to Belin. Dennis and Janie have a pharmacy and brought worm medicine and eye glasses!

Janie tests the eyes of this man for glasses. An elderly Mosquitio woman prays with Katie to receive Christ with the help of another interpreter!

Wednesday, we traveled to Rio Platano and broke up into teams. One worked on the water project, another gave out worm medicine, another gave out reading glasses! Katie, Joey and I went from house to house sharing the gospel. We prayed with 5 people to receive Christ. At one hut, the elderly mother of a woman whom we just prayed with receive Christ, wanted to accept Christ but couldn't speak Spanish. (Katie interpreted into Spanish for us)! The daughter didn't feel comfortable interpreting a prayer with her mother so Katie went next door to a store and found a woman that spoke Spanish and Misquitio and interpreted a prayer of salvation into the mosquitio language as the elderly woman prayed to Jesus as Lord of her life! After lunch, Kristen joined us in going house to house and prayed with various people. Near the end of the day, we met a man who made every excuse possible why he couldn't surrender to Christ, but after an hour of contending with his excuses, he surrendered to Jesus and prayed to Jesus as Lord!

Thursday morning, we trained the younger team members how to evangelize and after lunch, we separated into 3 teams and went to various parts of the village in Belin visiting house to house. Between the 3 teams, we had 8 people who turned their lives over to Jesus. At the end of the day, I had been ministering to a woman who had been backslidden. As the darkness moved in, and thunder rumbled of an incoming storm, the mosquito's were swarming us and making a meal of us. So I said “Well, the mosquitos are making a meal of us!” and she replied “But you have been feeding me a meal!” In the evening, Nathan went to Coyoles to show a Christian movie in the church there. Nathan has been showing a Christian movie each week, a ministry that Frank had started and handed over to Nathan.

Taking a break to have our picture taken as the storm clouds build accross the lagoon. Ministering at a home visit!

Friday, took a boat to Pinales and gave out worm medicine, medical assistance and glasses as people gathered at the church for the help! Some of us visited homes to minister to the people in the village. One young man had a large cut on his hand where he sliced it with a machete. To seal the cut, he painted it with red paint!  The girls cleaned the wound and put antibiotics and a gauze on it! I was asked to visit a home where a 23 year old boy had malaria. He was running a very high fever. We didn't have medicine for the sickness but I prayed for the Lord's healing. The boy wanted a pair of eye glasses so that he could read his Bible, so I went and got him a pair of reading glasses, and some Tylenol to help reduce the fever. When he got the glasses and read his Bible, his whole countenance lit up with joy! We visited the home of another young woman, who was paralyzed from the waist down and had to drag herself by her arms to move about. Her brother, Alberto, had come to get some worm medicine and asked us to follow him to her house to give it to her and pray with her. Alberto was one of my students of the Bible Institute we had in Palacios 10 years ago when I lived and worked there!

Children collecting water from one of the water projects Frank installed!

On Saturday, we traveled to San Miquel on the other side of the Lagoon from Belin. After a 20 minute boat ride, we traveled by foot through some heavy jungle conditions for 2 hours to the village. People traveled from other villages to get the medical help and eye glasses. We preached a salvation message first, and one man turned his life over to Christ and two others rededicated their lives to Jesus! After a day of giving medicine and eye glasses, and giving out gospel tracts and Bibles, we returned home!

Part of the group traveled by boat to Limonales, about a 4 hour boat ride up the Rio Negro! The rest of us went to Batania for church. Each of us shared the gospel and several surrendered to Jesus as Lord as well as some rededications. One of those who rededicated his life to Christ was Alberto, my student from 10 years ago! The 23 year old boy who had malaria and received the eyeglasses several days ago, was now healthy and at the church service, where he turned his life over to Jesus and got saved!

Praying with several young men to receive Christ. Alberto is the one on the left, the boy with Malaria is next to the wall. Outdoor service in Kuri!

In the evening, we went on a rainy night ride on the 4 wheeler to Cocobila for church. Mike preached and several were saved and some others rededicated their lives to Christ! One of the men, who just rededicated his life, stood in front and gave his testimony to the church!

Monday, I continued the study on the deity of Jesus Christ with the Pastors in the institute!

Pastors in the Bible Institute! If you would like to help support these Pastors so they can remain in their church's through the year instead of leaving to work, please visit the web page Support-a-Pastor

Tuesday. The day started out very rainy as Mike, Bob, Chelsea, David and Stephanie hired a pilot to fly them to Trajillo where they meet a ride to LaCeiba, about 4 hours journey through the mountains. Frank flew out with them to get supplies in LaCeiba. After the first flight to Trajillo, the pilot, George, returned to take the second half of the group in his Cessna 182. They departed but immediately returned as a rain squall blocked their passageway to Trajillo and waited out the storm before departing again. I shared the study with the pastors again, today, focusing on Isaiah 43:10-12 & the book of Titus on the deity of Christ. Several of the Pastors shared testimony of their encounters with the cults such as the J.W.'s, Mormons and Bahai religion! Another Pastor asked lots of questions about the Catholic teachings on Purgatory and the added books of the Catholic Bible. Nathan, Patience and some others traveled to Ultiamo near Kuri to give out worm medicine. Dennis and Janie gave out eyeglasses here in Belin.

Wednesday, we traveled to Ibans and gave out worm medicine to the children. Nathan showed several Christian movies for the children in the school room.

Thursday, the rain had not stopped since it began on Monday. Dennis' group flew out today while Nathan, Patience, Kristen, Katie and I went to the school in New Jerusalem to give out worm medicine to the children. After sharing the gospel message in each room, we gave medicine and toys with a gospel tract. In the evening, we packed the 4 wheeler and went to Cocobela to show the weekly movie, but our messenger, a native boy, failed to get the message to the pastor and they were not prepared for the movie, so we returned home! But the night was spectacular under the bright, starry night, a view of the heavens rarely seen in America as the city lights have drowned out the view of God's creation in the heavens!

Friday, another rainy day. I worked on the new room addition Frank is building. Frank is praying for a married couple to join him in the work their! (If you feel you might like to fill this position, please contact Frank) In the Institute there in Belin, Frank has a school of carpentry where they are learning to make some fine items of wood, a school of music, computer training, and teaching English in addition to the Pastor training in the Bible. Frank wishes for the institute to grow with more training for these people who have very few skills that can help them to prosper! Average income for this people is about $200 year!

Frank brought us a pizza from LaCeiba on his return flight, which was a treat for us all!

Saturday, the rains have finally ended and we had a vacation of swimming in the lagoon, jet skiing, and tubing behind the boat!

Sunday, preached the morning service here in Belin as Pastor Crispin's church. Patience shared her testimony and the presence of God fell in a heavy and glorious way as everyone was in tears from the presence of God.

Another group arrived today with George in his 6-seated Cessna 182. The local people were having a soccer game on the grass runway in Belin and when George flew in circles for them to move, the game players decided they would “play another play” before removing their bodies and soccer nets from the field. But George decided he would land in New Jerusalem, which was visible from the plane, but turned into a 45 minute extended walk for the group. We used the 4-wheelers to get their luggage. Among their group, was Julio, a Spanish-speaking surgeon from Argentina who now has a medical practice in Mississippi, Rick, who has come out here to help Frank for many years now, Jason, a Dentist from Mississippi, and Chip, a Presbyterian Pastor. Wilber joined Jason in pulling teeth this week! Now married with 2 children, I remember Wilber who was  pulling teeth at the age of 16 when I was living in Palacios in the mid 90's. In the evening service, Pastor Chip preached in Coyoles!

The dental team at work. Wilber in the front, Jason and Chip who is sweating hard! Katie and Patience assist Jason!

Monday, Patience & Kristen joined the medical team in Ibans to help the doctor and dentists. They had a “queasy” experience holding the flashlight as the dentists pulled an average of 3-5 teeth from the mouths of nearly 100 people! In the Institute, I shared the scriptures with the Pastors against the Once Saved Always Saved doctrine with a call towards holiness! The Pastors testified that, although they had heard from others that once you are saved, that you could do anything you want and still enter heaven, but that they never believed this false teaching!  
    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 7:21

After lunch, we had a visit from a brother from Houston, TX, Dan Gamwell. He is riding a bicycle from village to village on a 3 week trip along the coast to the border of Nicaragua, ministering the gospel along the way. In the evening, Nathan, Becca and I went to the church in Cocobela to show the Christian movie. The place was packed and even had many outside the windows and front door watching the movie “The Cross and the Switchblade”! 4 people responded to the alter call for prayer needs, although there were no salvations!

Dr. Julio holds a child in his arms! He has never seen such poor living conditions as he saw here and was greatly moved with compassion for these people!

Tuesday, the group went to Kuri to give dental and medical service to the people as I remained in Belin to continue to teach the pastors. Today, they wished to learn more about how to defend the faith against J.W.'s and Mormons. After lunch Rick and I joined the team in Kuri to help with the dental and medical team.

Wednesday, the medical team worked here in Belin! On Thursday, they flew out to LaCeiba. On Friday, Patience, Kristen, Grace and I flew out from Belin to LaCeiba. I had traveled to Palacios with the medical team on Thursday,  which is where I lived and worked with Frank 10 years ago, has changed greatly. Expensive homes are being built as it is becoming a major port for transporting cocain. The police here are being bought out in order to turn a blind eye to the cocain trade, and local people are starting to make lots of money helping the trade!

This is how they transport trucks from one place to another. They use two, long, thin boats which are dug out trees like the one we used above to cross the river!

A young man from Vancouver Canada asked us for a ride to Belin, so we gave him the boat ride there. He was very calloused against the gospel, but readily accepted our hospitality and slept at the mission. He is a photographer and is writing a book about La Mosquitia. The next day, as we flew out, he wanted to take a photo of the plane departing. When the pilot, George, turned his Cessna 182 onto the grass strip of land to take off, the young man walked out onto the field to take his picture of the plane departing. George accelerated the plane for takeoff, and as the air speed increased, the man didn't move, but stood there, in the middle of the runway with his camera, ready for a photo. George kept saying, “I hope he moves… What is he doing?” Thinking the guy will take his picture and move we continued to accelerate. It was finally clear that the guy wasn't going to move but we couldn't abort the takeoff, so George was forced to lift off prior to full takeoff speed using the “ground effect” to keep us afloat. As we barely cleared the man, the guy leaped to the side to keep from getting hit by the landing gear. George said that if we had one more person on the plane, we would have either hit the man, or we would have crashed! How amazing! Even the animals are not as foolish as men who are out for vainglory, willing to risk their lives and the lives of others to get their photographs and books published! But by the grace of our living God, we did not crash, and the man was not killed!

We spent several days in LaCeiba, before flying home to the US as Kristen recovered from a sickness that hit her the day we left Belin,

In Rio Platano, the villagers collected their drinking water from these shallow wells. The second photo shows the inside of this well! The water is dirty and collects from runoff during rain storms. This is the main reason why they get worms in their bodies that make them sick! During our visit, we installed the water system for this village, but the iron content of the pumped water is dangerously high. Frank is working out a filteration system to convert this water into safe, drinkable, water for the people.