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In my experience of the past 15 years preaching at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, this party is a TOTAL abandonment of all morality, where the law becomes "lawlessness" and sin is the accepted. Only Sodom and Gomorrah can compare with the sinful state of this city during this occasion. Homosexuality is practiced in public, men lusting after men, drunkenness in abundance as they fall onto the putrid street, rolling in their own vomit, people exposing sexual body parts (women lifting their shirts, men dropping their pants), some even parading without any clothing at all.

The police do nothing, only stepping in to break up fights or to intercept a thief which are both commonplace in this city of lawlessness.

The parades often have names of Greek mythological Gods, such as Zeus, Hercules and Bacchus! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has NO part in this entire party, except for the 2,000 or so Street Evenaglists who come each year to lead these lost souls to Jesus! You can read about these efforts in my Newsletter  pages.

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