Fat Tuesday
Michael, Richard and Lance with crosses in front of St. Louis Cathedral doors.

2-27-2001 Tuesday

     We headed out to Jackson Square today around noon. When we arrived, I was awaited by a reporter from Charisma magazine who is doing a report on Mardi Gras. After the interview, the reporter stayed for the duration of the day and witnessed the intense warfare that takes place right here in New Orleans year after year as the Satanists, atheists and every other reprobate awaits the Christians that they may mock and  harass us. One man roamed about completely naked, dancing through the crowd. He stripped, not just in the presence of the crowd, but also in the presence of a child, a girl about 6 years old who was with her mother. She was so surprised, she laughed uncontrollably in the shame and the mother laughed as well. I was broken hearted as I watched this child being exposed to this wickedness and her mother didn't even care. When the child looked into my eyes, her laugh immediately ceased as she felt the shame of the incident. It even surprised me to see the shame come upon the child as she saw an image of Christ looking sadly at her. This year, the mayor gave full permission for nudity at Mardi Gras “as long as it doesn't hurt anybody.” Women took the liberty to walk bear breasted and there was no hiding it this year. Some were near naked walking through the crowd as in 2 Peter 2:13 “…Their idea of pleasure is to carouse in broad daylight. They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their pleasures while they feast with you. 14 With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable…”  (NIV)

Yearly mocker who dresses like the pope, sets up his loudspeakers with which he stirs up the crowds against us speaking many horrible and obscene things.

     As the day continued, our yearly mocker, a man who dresses up like the pope, came out with his group of mockers to harass us with his own loudspeaker system. They held up signs that said “curb your doctrine” and on the backside, each person wrote their own blasphemous sayings.  One sign said “the devil loves you”. How absurd! A painting of a crucified person with which you can put your face in the hole, was brought out to mock Christ's crucifixion. Several persons would drop their pants and “moon” us through the face hole. Several men wore masks with a man's private part as a nose. The immorality and mockery of some situations are not mentionable without being crude in order to explain. Yet all this wickedness takes place right on the front doorsteps of St. Louis Catholic Cathedral. One man came screaming at Brian Chamberlin as he preached. “You can't do this in front of MY church.” It was interesting to note that the preaching of the gospel was an offense to him, yet the actions of the wicked had NO offense whatsoever to this man. He wasn't offended by the psychics, fortune tellers, Satanists, atheists, mockers, revilers, many of whom were making mockery of the Catholic Church itself. It was the preaching of the Word of God that angered him and offended him.

Mock crucifixian used for many obscenities!

Raging crowd  presses in on the crosses with their yellow signs screaming at the one preaching on the microphone behind the crosses.

He was a Catholic and member of this church, and although he was drunk, and dressed as a jester, partaking in this mockery of a party, he was now, without any authority, going to order the preaching of the word of God to be moved off of the doorsteps of God's house. Year after year I am amazed at God's grace but yet it is evident that this church is storing up for itself the wrath of God at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In my 11 years at Mardi Gras, NOT one priest has EVER joined us to speak God's word against the darkness of Satan's kingdom which is knocking at THEIR door. I question whether or not it may also be inside of this church. The most wicked spot in New Orleans, and maybe even America, is within 100 feet from the front door of this cathedral. Several years ago this church ordered the reading of the scriptures nearby to be ceased, yet the psychics, tarot card readers and palm readers pose no threat and continue to do their business daily, right on their front doorsteps. Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, the Catholics who partook in this wicked party will flood this building to have ashes put on their forehead to make atonement for their sins, never once realizing, nor ever told by the Priest, that God has called them to forsake this wicked party,  “Repent” of their sins, and that the Blood of Jesus is the ONLY atonement.

Satanists gathered  together to harass us as we preach!

     Satanists screamed at us as we preached the gospel with a loudspeaker system. Some stood behind us with very offensive signs, dancing in mockery. Others stood by and watched, some under great conviction. Still more joined them in their blasphemy. The pope imitator spoke blasphemous words against the Holy Spirit provoking Michael to take the microphone and publicly announce his sin, rebuking the man openly. He really didn't care that the wrath of God is awaiting him, since blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable for eternity (Matt. 12:31-32). A woman began to attack us violently. In years past, we NEVER see a police officer in Jackson Square, and NEVER receive protection by anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ. Although there was about 30 minutes today when some Christian officers came to protect us, at this moment there was no police officer to defend and protect us. She tore a page out of the Bible that was laid upon a pulpit Michael made after reading Nehemiah chapter 8. Later she bit Richard in the arm, drawing blood. She tried repeatedly to scream into the microphone. The woman attacked Cindy grabbing her shirt and near to hitting her but was restrained by others. We finally left after some 5 hours of spiritual battle, trying to bring the light of the gospel to this dark place. Until next year, when, Lord willing, we shall return to again lift up the crucified Lord and Savior of all men.

Precious lost souls following the crowd on the broad road to destruction.